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THE 4 KINDS OF LIFESTYLES!!! – E.S.B.I. Cash Flow Quadrant – Robert Kiyosaki

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Where do you end up? are you stuck in the 95%? are you in the 5%? do you have set hours? flexible hours? Do you have other people make money for you? do your investments make money for yo? where do you end up?

THE 4 KINDS OF LIFESTYLES – E.S.B.I. Cash Flow Quadrant – Robert Kiyosaki

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Roboss says:

invest that youtube money

HodorTarg says:

I bought like 1500 shares of nvdia with my savings last year when it was around $30 and now its worth $106 a share I already have ~$170k at 21 years old my family all think I am a drug dealer or something

Snowfirel says:

Why can't ya be an S and I just skip the B part.

Spoon Fork says:

I just found this channel and I am in love! Keep uploading, my friend!

nirushan swaminathan says:

heya jack can i talk to you qiuckly about stocks and business i would like to start one due to the money crisi that i have

GeneralShrike says:

S is for self employed not small bushiness.

gdi628 says:

You wrote "gland" on small business. Just saying

Rachel Carrick says:

Dude, I love your videos! Thank you so much!

Jack Leal says:

Go sub to my boi Aura he would greatly appreciate it if you guys subbed he's a small youtubers struggling to keep up his channel is AuraGaming no spaces first channel that pops up

Linda Sztanko says:

Factory Workers…

KDsJourneys says:

Learned so much from this channel.

Vince Garcia says:

Hey jack i was wondering what i should with money that i got in my bank account. Should i invest it or save it in a roth 401k or roth ira? And what do need to know about roth when saving? If possible can make a video?

Tyrese Brown says:

love this channel


At employee: engineers or lawyers can make up to 200k

ChadTheAfricanBullfrog OfSouthernCanada says:

i though Robert Kiyosaki was a scam

Assassin 404 says:

You're not born with money You have to start with E to get to I.

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