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Ralo x Future “My Brothers” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for “My Brothers” by Ralo x Future.

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Alex Rodriguez says:

666 comments a change that

Tino Chitiyo says:

Ralo fucked it up

ZeROStarGaming says:

Future's best hook ever and Ralo ruins it

ThermiysticMGK says:

Something is wrong with me then if I don't actually "Hate" Ralo, don't roast me, I'm sorry.. He's like Young Thug, but hyped.

laina tonnerr says:

Ralo's voice is strange but for me it's original

houston doll says:

heard this on 97.9 the box

Yassin Yassir says:

2017 the new era of swag jacking

Chazzy Productions says:

future drop a tape like 56 nights

barber amber says:

Y'all so mad that Ralo got that check and ran it up 🖕🏾😜

Kilo Jenkins says:

HIP HOP/TRAP/R&B Instrumentals for lease on my page. Str8 bangers!!!

IOMAR I says:

Fuckin ralo fucked this song up

Harly says:

Need a version without that dude that isn't Future.

Hot Fire says:


Terry Davis (GREATFILMS) says:

Ralo got super respect in te streets trust..he can get any artist he want …google any ralo song..with a feature..whoever features..snaps on the traccc..

Corlord Gambine says:

you mufukas at it again

TrapOps says:

Does anyone got a remix where you take out Ralo completely?

Feniko Beatz says:

ralo sound like he need to take a shit lol

Tyrone Biggs says:

its time we boycott ralo and trump. Ralo u really suck at rap bro!!

Melissa says:

Is there a version of this same song without Ralo ughhhh

Xavier Flounnory says:

yall talkin all dat put wont come to westside atlanta

Cj Killem12 says:

Song hella old

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