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Kris Wu – Juice (Official Music Video)

Download or stream Juice here:

Produced by R!O, Kamo, & Kris Wu

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Directed by Andy Hines
Produced by Black Dog Films
Creative engineered by 88rising

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Devil Heart says:

Awww. You're so amazing Kris

lizkriswu says:

Still have this song on repeat. It's my jam.

Meera Sharma says:

I'm so proud of him, it feels like he's my big bro and I just want him to succeed in all he does 🙂 Happy and proud to see him hitting the big screen this time around! He showed em all, not by being all talk but by taking action! <3

Gamsai Lovely says:

First >> Chicken Style
Then >> Galaxy Style
And now >> Juice Style lol
Luv U Kris

Maria J Iriarte says:

My ababe change so much i'm so proud. U are so cool kris

Han Fell says:


Manuka says:

Omgggg Krisssssss love uuuu

Phương Anh Nguyễn says:

quá tuyệt tự hào quá đê

Wang Puppy says:

Who else here LOVES Kris??? I support him no matter what and I know he is already going to be successful towards his goal!!! Love you Kris!!

Jimin infires me says:

Sometimes I hate being a KPOP fan, some of them are so salty, i mean don you have something better to do? Hey he's not from the KPOP industry anymore so let it go, he's even more famous than some of your oppas… ups I'm sorry.

ammara shoaib says:

kris bae 😗😗😗😗

Alex Ko says:

Everyone is talking about his pronunciation, but I'm here fascinated by Kris's
hair (。◕‿◕。)

intan d.c. says:

wow my dearest dragon look handsome, as always
first of all I think this music video cool, but then I think that the lyric and music is monotonous
ah I don't know, it's just my opinion
over all I still proud of you Kris, and still support you
good job dear

Fayy Ali says:

'She shake it , make it jiggle ,make it pop
She drop it down low, I'm throwing money nonstop'~ so kris is that ur style??😂😭💀

Queen SiTM says:

This shit is fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jhow EB says:

Look what you lost Sm, ah true, still belongs to that agency… 😁

gabby j says:

i hope he makes it big in all he does acting and making music

Boi says:

Haha he pronounces english a lot better than some american rappers, just look at fetty wap and desiigner.

Fayy Ali says:

Kris I am soo proud of you keep doing you and I can't wait to see you on the billboards❤️❤️💯💯💯😻😻🙏🏽

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