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Top 10 Best Kanye West Music Videos

Top 10 Best Kanye West Music Videos

These are Yeezy’s finest. Welcome to and join as we count down the Top 10 Kanye West Music Videos. From Good Life, to Heartless, to Jesus Walks, to Monster and Diamonds From Sierra Leone, Ye sure has some fun and unique videos in his repertoire! Let us know in the comments which video is your favourite!

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00:40 #10: Touch The Sky
01:45 #9: Monster
02:59 #8: Stronger
04:02 #7: Jesus Walks
05:14 #6:Heartless
06:14 #5: Good Life
07:25 #4: Diamonds From Sierra Leone
08:27 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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EJ Taylor says:


austinreifsnyder35 says:

How tf does the New Workout video not even make the list

But́ Chì ́ says:

Pls Do Top 10 The Chainsmorkers Songs

Cartman C says:

"My wife ain't no hobbit, please God, don't tell me I aint married to no hobbit."

Naseem Najam says:

top 10 intelligence agencies in the world please.

quietdominator666 says:

Q. What's the worst thing about buying a Kanye West album?
A. Telling your parents your gay.

pablo lantigua says:

If your a fan of Kanye your a fan of yaself MEMBER DAT


r.i.p WM y'all dead

Da Slash says:

this guy is an artist???…i thought he is a janitor or something….

Nathan Perkins says:

No 'Welcome To Heartbreak'?

Gelly Robo says:

@watchmojo ima let yall finish, but you guys forgot heard em say. it wasn't even a honorable mention,that video is amazing, just sayin. kanye shrugs lol

andresgc770 says:

Nice to see "Good Life" getting some appreciation. It also won a VMA for Best Special Effects, which was very much deserved that year.

EDIT: Where the hell is "Power," though???

Katy Rescino says:

I love the Runaway video and it's my favorite song by him

Squishy McSquisherson says:

Can't Tell Me Nothing and Power should have been in better. Power's moving painting video is groundbreaking.

Good Morning should've made the Top 10 as well.

Zzzzz Walks says:

New workout plan should have been on the list.

DeShawn Thomas says:

Runaway was the only choice. There's literally a short film about it.

Makiek Cepeda says:

bro Power should have at least be number 2 it is perfect

dank memes (DJ RR) says:

honestly disappointed that famous or heard em say didn't get at least an honorable mention.

ajwasp says:

Kanye sucks!

Timothy Brown says:

Assholes can be talented. Being talented doesn't take away from how he conducts himself as a person. He sold out and bought into his own hype.

Garrett Howard says:

Just here to leave a dislike, hope you do to!

1865magicman says:

Power should have been no. 1

gqn2 says:

one thing is that all of his videos are different. Rarely have a same style

James Vasquez says:

Lol these headasses are annoying like why did u even click on a video that's about kanye just to barely play it and dislike it. Maybe listen to a WHOLE ALBUM and not just the top 5 songs featured on his Spotify page.

Jacqueline Woo says:

oh yeah, vid for BLKKK SKKKN HEAD might be my fave vid ever

rubendlove says:

are you serious watchmojo???

Kenneth Irvine says:

That's an oxymoron, I'm afraid.

TheGooseinator says:

Surprised to see no mention of Famous or Bound 2 as dishonorable mentions XD

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