Rainy Day Music 008: A Beautiful Chillout Mix

Rainy Day Music 008: A Beautiful Chillout Mix

Pulse8 on Spotify: https://goo.gl/MhiH2M


Spotify: https://goo.gl/MhiH2M

▼ Tracklist ▼
00:00 Blackbird – Precious Little Things
04:46 smokefishe – xo
09:05 Raine & Roger Wilco & Subsets – Archive
13:47 The Aurora Principle – Maybe, Tomorrow
17:21 Liquid Memoirs x TOAC – Neukölln
22:10 Logan Wishart – Vow
25:41 The Aurora Principle – Our Memory
28:51 Logan Wishart – Shoreline
33:00 Sappheiros – Passion (Cash Rework)
39:38 The Aurora Principle – Anri’s Lament
43:46 SHIKIMO – ambient 04 (Redux)
48:21 S’Hill – The Sun Is Still Sleeping
52:32 Neutrin05 & Justin Jet Zorbas – Where We Once Stood

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A Beautiful Chillstep Mix by Pulse8..

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  1. PowRiding says:

    You make my day <3

  2. Thomas Cottis says:

    Hey I really like the mix!!! Thank you Pulse. Does anybody have the wallpaper download. Thanks!!!!!

  3. Henrique Dionisio says:

    How can I find this picture for wallpaper?

  4. sarbesh war says:

    And i would say pulse8 is the best..

  5. EnchantingsTM says:

    This is just perfect because its been raining so much where I live and this just really puts me in a good mood. The music fits so well with the rain hitting the roof and the windows, almost as if its part of the music. Thanks pulse <3

  6. Danny Arof says:

    The robot looks so sad and alone :'(

  7. BlasterZ says:

    Love this.

  8. sora00aozora says:

    Would you make sound that it is like a mechanical chill?

  9. Laura Turner says:

    great mix pulse8!

  10. Just go Sanchez says:

    I love it

  11. Esyah Nitsua says:

    I gotta say, you always upload the rainy mixes when it's actually raining here. feelsgoodman

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