J.Lo Says New Music With Drake is Coming Soon

Are Drake and Jennifer Lopez actually dating? Is their rumored relationship just a ploy to sell records? There are the questions we need answers to. While we may not get those answers in the near future, JLo recently confirmed to ExtraTV that they do indeed have new music on the way together. “We are – well, we did! We did one song together,” she said. “I don’t know if we will do more – we will see!” That sure is exciting and confirms the speculation that they had new music on the way.

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  1. Tupac Shakur says:

    who cares. like on the real J lo is a nobody compared to most in her feild of work these days and that hasnt changed cus of this. Drake is still on top of the game rn, if not at the moment, hes still far from fading as a popular figure. so i dont see a point in this publicity bs for him but yall acting like theyre being devious when they just doing business in their feild of work

  2. Jp grimm says:

    tamara we can have a nice collabo

  3. Smokeey409 says:

    the way Tamara hold her hands piss me off.

  4. Markus Reyes says:

    oh my god she is a goddess

  5. Brandon Mccalla says:

    they just together to make music like rihhana

  6. Tim Kruse says:

    Guess he's been in love with her since he was .. what 12 ?

  7. MEGA Strong says:

    SHE'S 47 y/o SOO FIRE! D:

  8. RowlexEnterprise says:

    Looks like a family reunion with Drake & his aunt JLO

  9. The Last Trap God says:

    Selena and J. Lo stay working these niggas, gawd dayum!

  10. kevin castillo says:

    just in… JLO ghostwrote Drake's verses on the collab. that's why she says. "maybe we'll collab again. we will see"

  11. BigBootyTalk says:

    Damn Tamara looking gorgeous

  12. WINDEX says:

    another love song 👌👌💝💓💖😍

  13. Doom Slayer says:

    Does everyone have to "date" each other to make music. Drake was like "I gotta be your head, I gotta be inside you."

  14. Jaelen Wilder says:

    We already knew this

  15. Santy Valens says:

    they doing the same bs as Selena Gomez & The Weeknd it's all music promotion and publicity stunts 😒

  16. Elijah Trenton says:

    I just have one ☝️ question for Jhoe how does a Rihanna's Cuchie taste?

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