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Behind the Scenes of Young Thug’s “Wyclef Jean” Music Video

Noisey goes behind the scenes for Young Thug’s “Wyclef Jean” and ended up waiting to talk to him for 10 hours.

NOISEY: Atlanta airs on VICELAND on February 7 at 10 PM EST.

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Ntsako Phakula says:

Zach sippin lean?

Andrew Hebert says:

"operation there down" Mark my words

Roger Smith says:

Anybody know that girls name in the blue at 1:18

For research purposes…🌚

ZMAN says:

Thug a bitch for what he did

ιƳσѕнιιAятz says:

they should've had Corey j rap in the music video as young thug.

NoLimit Kaydo says:

So umm.. The music video brought me here and… In so many words Thug wasted everybody time 😐

バンチョコ says:

I just watched this….. just for sure

blitz5055 says:

Zach waited for 24 hours for an interview to not get one smh.Well at least the in music video is great

Austin Nwachukwu says:

…was this planned?

Yung Rari says:

Ceno the future

Evan Brosnan says:

Young thug's a pussy

Shooting Robot says:

shoot the kid fuk the girls

Vintage Club Magazine says:

who's the interviewing.

Ruonerful says:

1:25 Anyone knows her name?

MyGameplaying says:

what an irresponsible fuckin loser lol

wellthatblowsbro says:

This was a pretty pointless video my dude

Rampage 5150 says:

black celebrity people problems… lol

Landan Dauphinais says:

What an asshole. Speak up and tell your people what's happening, everyone waited all day for his joke ass to show and not one of em actually knew what the deal was 😂

11 Savage says:

who's the girl in the red and white at 1:24 i need to know for research purposes

Restarting says:

the interview 😂😂

Jeremy Clyde says:

wtf was this? zero content

Robert Booey says:

So apparently Young Thug is a huge diva…

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