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Jacob Sartorius – Last Text (Official Music Video)


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Directed by: Paul Boyd

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Viral V says:

Welcome to the 21st Century where little under age fags are making more money than you.

Jessica Wrigley says:

Omg, I think this is the best song yet Jacob, good job 👏🏼

Cloud The Adorable Cat says:

The guitar is bigger than his body

Alyssa Nichols says:

Jacob don't listen to them your amazing they just don't have anything better to do❤️ Ily

Fatelfish73 says:

yeah its his last text before he dies

Sebastian and Oscar says:

Follow my cousin on Instagram @jasminsartorius5

Flower_neko21 says:

All I can say is, at least he's not using autotune for this one.

Livvie Boylan says:

I can just hear the autotune

Simply Denise says:

All of u guys who came to hate are literally pathetic!! GET A LIFE:) its stupid to hate on him cause his fans will just defend him:)

Sebastian and Oscar says:

And my cousin loves you😍

Sebastian and Oscar says:

Jacob chill and I like you music👍🏻🎸🎤👌😉

eliasu says:

this song is kinda good

Jocelyn Colin says:

looking like an elf

Jocelyn Colin says:

omg wtf did I just listen my ears are bleeding

Chloe Shearer says:

the EP is out in Australia!!!!

Kathleen Perez says:

worst song ever so girly

Averybean says:

why is he not actually playing the guitar

Neo Soviet says:

Fuck this and then Rump I need so much more bleach than usual

Pentex Sucks says:

I hate Jacob so much. but honestly this isn't as bad as his other songs, its actually pretty damn good

Jupidooper says:

I particularly hate him and his songs but I actually like this song…….. but not him.

666 BottlesOfBleach says:

this is as autotuned as T-pain, and he sounds like a fucking robot

waiting for all of the triggered fan girls….

ninaaa says:

why is everyone writing long paragraphs lmao let people say what they want to say, its public for a reason.

Jacob sartorius Fan Page says:


Cameron Gappy says:

What is this trash

Amy Sixtos says:

never lisen to those haters theres many peaple that like you 😘

XxJungkook'sAlpacaxX says:

I hate Jacob Saggytits, but DAYUM THIS IS GOOD

Cpt. Aids says:

please die

Cpt. Aids says:

die in hell u jew

Skylyn Jefferson says:

I just want to let you know that i could be your last text i love u so much please chat with me on musicaly my name is skylynnsartorious plz jacob i love u so much your my perfection😙😍

its cursbie says:

i'm not a fan

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