Best Songs for Playing League of Legends #1 ► 1H Gaming Music Mix

Music Mix to play League of Legends. 1 Hour Gaming Songs for you!
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Disfigure – Blank:
Different Heaven & EH!DE – My Heart:
Cartoon – On & On (feat. Daniel Levi):
The Eden Project – Lost:
Alan Walker – Fade:
Disfigure – Hollah!:
Tobu & Marcus Mouya – Running Away:
Electro-Light – Symbolism:
Ahrix – Nova:
Alan Walker – Force:
Laszlo – Here We Are:
David Bulla – Unexpected:
Alan Walker – Spectre:
Spektrem – Shine:
Laszlo – One Step Away:

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  1. H giuong Mlo says:

    who now the name of song in 8:06 ?

  2. Genesis Medina says:

    diosss mio deseo la cancion que empieza a partir de minuto 11:23 ayúdenme :c

  3. Jessi Plays MSP says:

    only for lol ? im using this music for msp or Roblox xD

  4. sarunas sniras says:

    Best mix

  5. starcraft2001 master says:

    1.25 speed, is where all the fun is at :D

  6. XpazZ et Falcone06 says:


  7. mali tan says:

    bi de isimleri varsa tam olcak

  8. Yehya Farrag says:

    Open up this video — queued up for a ranked game–lose the game then dislike the video

  9. Qwert Gaming says:

    big fart

  10. oyun kralı says:

    league of legends

  11. Nightcore Mad says:

    Nice for teamfight or SoloQ lol

  12. Jeremy Fleischer says:

    Really good, amazing job!

  13. Keiscop 780 says:

    this is NCS

  14. Mïnëćräft VÑ says:

    nhạc này tên j thế

  15. GoldNard Gamer says:

    wow, cool video ;D

  16. Adem Aydınoğlu says:

    Pentaa with 3<KATA<3

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