432 hz DNA Healing/Chakra Cleansing Meditation/Relaxation Music

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Peace! 4.5 hours of blissful and relaxing music to meditate, study, sleep or work to. Upon many requests, I’ve decided to put up the track list for those that are interested.

Many comments I’ve read are questioning the effects of music as healing on our DNA and Chakras. There is much information on the 432hz frequency (and the Solfeggio Scale) on the interwebs. Below are a few links for some that I like, for those that are interested in the wonders of sound for healing!
Much Love & Blessings to you all!

The Cosmic 432 & The Musical Conspiracy

Ancient Knowledge part 6/1 on 432hz frequency

Out of the Silence mini Documentary

Tom Kenyon – Song of the New Earth Trailer

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  1. laurent dumoulin says:

    la vibration qui guerrit

  2. Dheeraj Dubey says:

    Namaste to you all ,,….and thanks to our Indian ancestors to providing us real touch to ourselves with this kind of healing..

  3. Jose Luis Huesca Rodriguez says:

    Healthy music, relaxing my mind

  4. Michael Douglas says:

    I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure 8 years ago & was. I changed my diet completely but my blood pressure was still a little high. I found you on here & after one night of sleeping to this track ONE TIME my blood pressure was as low as any "normal" person's would have been! I'm still amazed & FOREVER greatful, namaste. I take absolutely no meds now, along with my diet & these tracks there is no longer a need to! Namaste 😁💯💯

  5. Internet Compilation says:

    Where can i get music like this for my videos?

  6. Taekwondo Peãce π says:

    This was so nice

  7. Curry buns says:

    this is cancer

  8. J U N G L I S T 11:11 says:


  9. herp derp says:

    After 20 seconds of listening to this I grew wings… wait maybe that was the redbull.

  10. Mike Graf says:

    When I played this music, my computer's CPU slowed to about 1/ 10 millionth of its normal speed. Wow.

  11. smartXocolate says:

    Very relaxing music.

  12. Free Spirit says:

    I absolutely love this music. Thank you!

  13. Surya Mantha says:

    how wil these frequencies effect us ?

  14. Cote Nelson says:

    not sure why theres a head with a sword through it but very good music i usually only last 20 minutes before getting restless but with this i last 1 hour

  15. Martin Castaneda says:

    Buzzing in my body

  16. Cristiane Lima Ferrante says:


  17. Danny Solitude says:

    Narcissistic beings will never achieve enlightenment.

  18. IateAllTheBlueberries says:

    Thank you for uploading! :)

  19. Jessica Shearer says:

    Love it💗

  20. Earths Healers says:

    Very healing thank you!

  21. Maria Gomes says:

    NAMASTE 🌾🌾🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🎵🎵🌿

  22. Teddy Odalis says:

    Anyone else who got chills down their spine? Like, the ASMR-kind?

  23. Turtlefoot69 says:

    432 hz is mathematically in tune with the universe, its more authentic, has more feeling and emotion and is more right-brain oriented. 440hz was made to de-sensitize people, make them better slaves and workers and is more left-brain oriented.

  24. Mike H says:

    432 and the jesus connection view explorer one channel ….video called amazing new code you will see

  25. Cellar Door says:

    Thank you!!!! I am in love with your beautiful tracks!
    Peace too you!

  26. T MAGS says:

    I really enjoyed this one, hope everyone out there did too. I kept telling myself in this one to: allow the energy to flow into the greater energy that is me.

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