2-Hours Epic Music Mix | Most Beautiful & Emotional Music – Emotional Mix Vol. 1

*NEW* Emotional Volume 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYoTrI5RE-k

2-Hours filled with some of the most beautiful/emotional tracks of all times.
Lose yourself in its beauty


00:00 Switch. Trailer Music – Where Civilization Once Lay
02:00 MythFox – Rebirth
04:15 Soundcritters – Thunderlane
06:12 C21FX – Solace
09:27 Switch. Trailer Music – Emergence
11:02 Peter Roe – On the Edge
13:08 Marcus Warner – Africa (C21FX)
18:12 Ardwin Winter – You’re a Legend
21:02 Arn Andersson – Annihilation
24:43 Claudie Mackula – On A Quest
28:43 Ron Morina – The Fallen
31:47 Arn Andersson – Dawn
34:30 Audiomachine – Red Sorrow
38:16 Cengizhan Yavuzer – Angels
39:55 Switch. Trailer Music – Between the Lines
41:31 J.T Peterson – Echoes Of Pandora
43:49 Patryk Scelina – We are here for each other
45:54 Cristian Onofreiciuc – Imagination
49:15 Ethos Music – Nothing Left To Lose
51:45 Evgeny Emelyanov – Children of water
54:12 MythFox – Time To Come
56:45 Cristian Onofreiciuc – Celestial Places
58:42 Switch. Trailer Music – The Return of Astraea
01:01:34 Martin Kirkhaug – Final Approach
01:06:20 Cristian Onofreiciuc – Beyond the Stars
01:09:00 Alexandros Nikolaidis – Echoes Of Fate [Pandora Extended]
01:12:44 C21FX – Gone But Not Forgotten
01:15:15 C21FX – Contact
01:17:42 Kari Sigurdsson – When our journey ends
01:19:32 Evgeny Emelyanov – Kaleidoscope
01:21:54 Ethos Music – Final Hope
01:23:33 Audiomachine – Journey Through the Portal
01:26:08 Soundcritters – Forgotten Soul
01:28:24 Axl Rosenberg – Aithérios
01:32:44 Cristian Onofreiciuc – Creation of Life
01:35:09 Salim Daima – Ascension
01:36:37 Evgeny Emelyanov – Awake
01:38:18 Mattia Turzo – Fight of Glory
01:40:41 Audiomachine – Unfinished Life [Pandora Vers.]
01:43:07 C21FX – Aurora
01:45:52 Sub Pub Music (Colossal Trailer Music) – Over the Mountain
01:48:24 C21FX – After The Fall
01:50:36 Storm Sound YS – A Warrior’s Quest
01:52:41 Rodney Spence – The Last Transport
01:57:51 X-Score – Ark

(Picture list doesn’t fit in the description)
Picturelist: http://pastebin.com/wg7zSePS


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  1. Catrinel Lupu says:

    14:20 <3

  2. ThoughtTree says:

    Listening to this kind of music inspired my philosophy and my Youtube Channel. I have recently created ThoughtTree and released my first video – 'What is personal development'. Please check it out, thumbs up if you like it and let me know what you think!

    Thanks and much appreciated!

  3. tatiana williams says:

    I love how once it gets to Solace, the mood turns to shit

  4. Kayla Poole says:

    I have listened to this so many times but every time that I listen to this its like listening to it for the first time. It's amazing

  5. Kayla Poole says:

    Thanks. I'm writing a book and this music helps me think and make the story deeper :)

  6. Alix Human says:

    So I've decided that "Africa" is my favorite. THAT one is going to stay with me.

  7. Rocker says:

    Martin Kirkhaug – Final Approach
    Что за арт скожите пож

  8. Breanna Moreno says:

    listen to this while going to sleep it takes u to another world, u feel like your flying endlessly u wouldnt regret it's just a beautiful ride which u would never want it to end

  9. Bruce McIntosh says:

    I keep getting surprised (stunned?) when I periodically see the artwork here (I listen while I type reports). Is there any condensed version where I can see all of the artwork? I am too old to mushroom zone out for two hours.

  10. luticia says:

    This music takes hold like a drug cause it makes you euphoric and gives you the feeling you're the master of the universe but as soon as you turn it off you fall into reality again where you're jus a tiny seed.

  11. Maija Ozola says:

    How could someone dislike music like this????

  12. xiangdong(sean) zhao says:

    Where Civilization Once Lay is such a good song

  13. applejuicyjuice says:

    I'm literally in Awe at Warner's AFRICA piece. Like WOW!

  14. DRB-HICOM University of Automotive Malaysia says:

    Padora,please give me direction to buy this music background.thank you.

  15. Alexis Baltzegar says:

    This is just so peaceful it makes me realize how beautiful life is and how much people pass it by everyday and don't take in its beauty. When I listen to this and close my eyes all I see is trees ,meadows of beautiful golden grass, hills so green not even emeralds could compare and a paint shade of green could not paint, a single drop of water falling peacefully off a leaf into a calm lake rippling through the water, a forest full a beautiful oaks and clouds behind the bluest of sky's. That is what I see when I listen to this. Even the smallest tree has such beauty. PLEASE READ THIS THANK YOU.

  16. Evelyn Mcgonigle says:

    9:42 sounds like Stranger Things

  17. Dominique Db says:

    C'est une superbe musique!

  18. Magic_Zach says:

    You put the groups before the songs in the description. Might want to fix that if you can. It's not Mythfox by Rebirth or Audiomachine by Journey Through The Portal.

  19. GameboyXXL _ says:

    God, this music is so amazing I teared up in the middle :)

  20. OmegaMusic says:

    It is amazing, and quite original, the first list that doesnt have any songs from "Two Steps From Hell"

  21. KingMidas says:

    Is this public domain?

  22. Heyit'sLauren says:

    Stress is totes cured. I used all those stress relief teas and everything. I feel empathy, but I'm good. 🤗🤗🙃🙃

  23. EileenHuebner says:

    I really have to thank you. This piece of art is the only thing that could cure my writers block :)

  24. The Guys Tech says:

    Thank you. Awesome stuff.

  25. mute scream says:

    do you play outside less than one hour a Day ♥♥♥

  26. Rillian300 says:

    Playing BDO, turned off the game music and played this, made the gaming experience so much better, thank you.

  27. Anne-Marie AMB says:

    Marcus Warner, this is bliss. Thank you for composing such a class sound xxx

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