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TINY DANCER – Chance to Win $10,000 – MUSIC VIDEO CONTEST!!

We’re looking for official music video ideas for Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” 🙂
Check out for all the contest info and if your idea is selected you could get the budget to make your music video come to life as well as $10,000!

And the secret word is “elton” 😛

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RMT DZ says:

me lool :3

Kanita H. Covers says:

Hii 😊 I recently opend my channel and uploaded my first video. I do covers. Can you check it out? Thank you 💕

Thomas Justiniano says:

Do we have to upload a youtube video of the idea as well as writing it in the box while sending the submission?

ProgamerRex TV says:

kann das jmd übersetzten? 😆

Erica Song says:

love u

Royal Flame says:

start jumping from one hill to hill and that's wen you will have a great music video

Jun 'X says:

OMG ….!! MEGAN 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

mUSh says:

0:31 .what's her name

Wei Chuang says:

Singing to tiny dancer lol

Anime is my first name says:

I would do this if I knew how to

Jane Law says:

Hey Kurt! Do you really need to enter the competition with a film making experience/background because I've only started being interested in cinematography recently and I have no project/film in my hands atm but I really want to join this to give myself a start!!! c:

Gib Hero says:

do you do a cover with Matt McGuire?? please !

Zarina Salleh says:

Kurt u are my FAV musician 😄😄😄

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