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Kid Rock – Redneck Paradise (Remix) ft. Hank Williams Jr. [Music Video]

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Linda israel says:

Damn Right

Mustang Paige says:


Nick Rogers says:

man its so good to see my hometown (troy) to be shot in a kid rock and hank video! Go Trojans!

Marco290991 - Music Channel says:

I want to live like this!!!


sorry but rednecks are not millionaires from NY,

Shandi sunflower says:

shit hell ya lucky I'm house broke skeet

Darla Burleson says:

where the fuck is the hideout need a break

The Balisong Music Lounge says:

Kid Rock's Voice is just not that authentic for country music. But a lot of people don't know that he started as a rapper. I'm actually offended that he played with Hank Williams Jr.


kid rock likes erect peni

Donielle Leach says:

Come on in my bar Paul. I'll serve you ANYTIME

hole elonen says:

This is the true paradise, please I don´t wanna die and go to heaven

minicrip none says:

yep thats home to me

Trouta Holic says:

The America that will be again Soon .

Donna Durham says:

I love these two singing together

Louis Baxter says:

Okay. Jr and Kid both said drop by anytime. Well, for me. That's an invite I wanna take advantage of. I'm calling Hank or Kid both out on it. Inbox an address and me and Dude, that's my Dane, he is a dog, will be there. I for one would give a left n*t, or right to honor the opportunity to put back a cold one with either of these men among men! I'll keep an eye on my email! COME ON HANK OR KID!! DONT LET ONE OF THE BIGGEST FANS DOWN!!!!!

reba carswell says:

Love it Hell Yea

Silverbackbuddahmunk says:

What a joke. I get why Hank would sing this, but WTF does a kid from Michigan who earned his bones in Detroit know about being a "redneck". Kid Rock is a joke. Ya heard it here

Joshua Milligan says:

2000 Liberals disliked this song😂😂😂

Chris Lauluma says:

Yooper paradise…love it!!!

Craig Fisher says:


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