Young Thug – Wyclef Jean [Official Video]

YSL x 300 x Directed by Pomp&Clout
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  1. BenjaminIsaacSound (BenjaminIsaacSound) says:

    The "Ass To Ass" Movie is Requiem of a Dream

  2. Samdara says:


  3. Sxxov says:

    This video is great lmao


    if you reading this, hope you have an awesome day!
    make my dream come true! :D

  5. Dan H says:

    Young Thug is the 🐐!!!!


    if you reading this, hope you have an awesome day!
    make my dream come true! :D

  7. Nick Farrell says:

    It's fake, the director has given interviews about it already.

    "The way this came about once the whole disaster shoot wrapped is pretty interesting. I really put together an entire third treatment in this process because, as the video points out, there was this initial idea of lighting the money on fire. Which I was planning to actually do, I was just going to withdraw it in ones and look into some of the legal ramifications and just go for it.

    Then there was the second idea, which was the idea we set out to do. Then there was a third idea, which was another treatment that said we don’t have anything, but what we do have is some good moments, but there wasn’t anything with Thug. I didn’t have enough to make a video. I kind of lightly hypothesized what some of the scenes might be, and how I would describe some of this stuff. In the presentation I even had a page that talked about the media reception of it, and how I thought people would take this. I mocked up a browser window and I actually used and made this fake title that said something like “Young Thug’s Video Came Out And He Wasn’t Even In It.” Isn’t Even In His Own Video. [Ed note—we went with “Young Thug’s Video For “Wyclef” Jean Isn’t What You’d Expect”]. Something to the effect of what people are running with now. We just wanted to give the people reading it a sense of context for what it might be received as."

  8. maria martins says:

    cadê os BR?

  9. eds frangipane says:

    fucking lit

  10. mkewell83 says:

    Requiem for a Dream was a pretty sad film.
    It's hard to say which character had it the worst, but if pressed I'd probably say Harry's mom.

  11. bdsn says:

    underground artist make videos like this all the time!!! if all you in the comments was to make a video, you would've wrote a bunch of shit on the clips too. trust me, it's called having fun, fuck it, and really no bright ideas right now. please don't say the producers is a god or anything like that

  12. Markus Ruiz says:

    not the greatest porn I masterbated

  13. Drg Sh says:

    He is so honest tho

  14. Reza Tahmasebi says:

    he has so damn much money why doesn't he build his fucking skinny ass up?

  15. T hibaut says:

    Did the bitches know that they are the bitch Lmao

  16. Ciprian “DC” Dobrea says:

    Requiem for a Dream

  17. Mr. Sparkles & Friends says:

    This was kinda funny

  18. Ke Th says:

    Great video, bad song

  19. aricars6263 says:

    Tack ass overpaid coon.

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