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THE MUSIC!! Breath of The Wild Switch Trailer REACTION!!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the livestream! IT WAS HYPE!

Original video:

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james oglesby says:

I'm glad the legend of zelda has propervoice acting after…the last voice acting fiasco.

holamoco says:

Loved your reaction

stevethepirahnaplant says:

Reasons to buy this game:

1. Emotion
2. Action
3. Characters
4. Colors
5. Adventure
6. Falco

The Legend Of Shaiden says:


Butter Cup says:

I love the piano when you see that flower and the deku tree

Kurisu Wolf says:


Carl Camis says:

This trailer will be very, very hard to top. It is the greates game trailer I've ever seen.

Shawn Cobb says:

Best Zelda reaction video ever!

DemonlordHatty says:

Colors! Action! Adventure! FALCO! 😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻

FueledToGame says:

Out of all the reactions I have watched you made me laugh the most lol

Jonathan Gorys says:

Every time I watch the trailer, I half-expect to see the Studio Ghibli logo

4400seriesFAN says:

Yeah, the music was the best part of the trailer. Everything was phenomenal but the music was just out of this world!

Paddy Somervile says:

i cant stop watching it but loving other peoples reactions too…the minute ppl say "IS THAT ZELDA!" or when they see her cry lol…amazing.

megamar says:

Best trailer ever! Loved your reaction man!

SrBlacken says:

they haven't made such a good Zelda trailer since Twilight princess

Assman Blastman says:

I feel like I'm on the edge of the Titanic right now.

I Giltho says:

Falcou 🙅🏻‍♂️ :3

Split Klickety says:

Dude I love how you go INTO THE MUSIC. So many reactions don't even seem to care. Have a f*ckin upvote mate!

abismo1979 says:

This is a great reaction video.

Άγνωστος Γνωστός says:

That music IS majestic.

chad metzger says:

One of the best reactions I've seen, I was the same way with this EPIC soundtrack. I'm calling it now, this game will make me cry.

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