The Bella Twins go behind the scenes at Sophia Grace’s new music video

Sophia Grace’s “Hollywood” music video, featuring The Bella Twins, Naomi, Sasha Banks and Lana, will premiere on SmackDown LIVE!
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  1. Krayola Singh says:

    Still more talent than Eva Marie

  2. gabbygaming 2600 says:

    we hate sophia

  3. Blissful Lunatic says:

    Am I the only one that legit doesn't care about this 8 year old Sophia Grace?

  4. Dylan Crapé says:

    Are people supposed to be interested or what?

  5. Alden Lewis says:

    You suck! You suck! You suck! You suck!


    That's just a way of saying you rock or you're awesome. You suck if you take it seriously. No hard feelings.

  6. Mya Carter says:

    Yea I mean Sofia grace was good then but how bout now? Nah

  7. Daniel Clarke-lloyd says:


  8. Danny Steeler says:

    She is such a pre teen #FiercePrincess

  9. Totally Fabulous says:

    Whaaaat she got to meet the girlsss

  10. The Brazilian Nightmares says:

    This has nothing to do with wrestling and nobody cares.. They should just put it on YouTube and that's ok…

  11. Doomdeboss Moth says:

    Who is Sophia grace?

  12. gigo gigo says:

    Like if you see the different:·····································○·························

  13. Kiera 2343 says:

    Because we do

  14. KingMaschal ! says:

    What has happened to the WWE 😂😂 This is insane…

  15. Connor King says:

    I wish I was Sophia Grace so I could dance with The Bella Twins and Lana 😍

  16. Ασημίνα Κεφαλά says:

    how did they agree to be in that video clip?? …_

  17. JohnCo917 says:

    who the hell is Sophia Grace ffs

  18. Jaquerious Jordan says:

    Why WWE, why you do this to us. What did we do wrong WWE

  19. Izza Shazlin says:


  20. Jonathan Westcoast says:

    Is this Vinny's plan to drop Smackdown from beating RAW each week ?

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