Mike Tyson Releases Music Video for Soulja Boy Diss Song

Just one week after first teasing his Soulja Boy diss song, “If You Show Up,” Mike Tyson has released a music video for the track. Tyson doesn’t appear in the video very much, but it does feature a handful of young ladies rapping along to his words as well as a parody of Soulja’s alleged robbery that was captured on Instagram live recently. This is just the latest wrinkle in the ongoing beef between Tyson and Soulja, which started after Tyson agreed to train Chris Brown for his upcoming celebrity boxing match against Soulja.

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  1. medic6817 says:

    That last bit was crazy… getting knocked out…😏

  2. Harry Gibson says:

    did no one catch jinx say subscribe u youtube

  3. Not leafyishere says:

    my boi is back!! Let's goooooo!!!

  4. J Day says:

    tyson got that brooklyn flow

  5. Deuce Dollar says:

    souja should fight all the people he beef with in the ring in the same order and save Chris Brown for last like on Mortal Kombat Challenge Towers quavo , yatchy, shia labeouf , and so on and y not throw vivca Fox in there too !!!

  6. AfterGrade says:

    Mike dropping that dith tak

  7. Jay Briggs says:

    when grandad disses thugnificent.

  8. Jacob Toll says:

    wath the track about

  9. kevin gray says:

    Niggas really don't put links in their videos, this is why complex will never be a credible news source

  10. Kevin Keiser says:

    To be fair, Mike Tyson was already in the best diss track ever made.

    2nd Round KO.

  11. Ljin Smith says:

    lmfao this is a mess but entertaining af

  12. Gregory Franklin says:

    At, soulja boy is crazy as hell. Lmao. He said what is mike Tyson gonna teach him how to bite off my ear? Kmsl

  13. fruit says:

    "subscribe to youtube" – Jinx

  14. corey williams says:

    This is the funniest beef online

  15. Zir Reamico says:

    Whatf the fuckth

  16. Goodfellas2211 says:

    How many takes did they do for the video? Just wondering, Mikes Tyson spits a lot when he talks so the camera man probably had to wipe the camera lens during every take.

  17. Uber/Tube says:

    If you thow up I'm a knock you ath down

  18. ScenarioHipHop says:

    Jinx been shopping again, for fakes xD

  19. NY CITY says:

    Viewths from the thixs

  20. Daniel The Human says:

    No link okay thanks Bomplex

  21. Eric Zavaleta says:

    jinx takes the L for fuggazi supreme

  22. Mean Lean says:

    yeah for once soulja isnt the one taking an L here…

  23. Winters TV says:


  24. EDUARDO RIVERA says:

    hell yes milke tryson 😈

  25. Lebron James says:

    Ima teath him how to knock yo ath outh

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