The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Trailer Music (2017)

All rights belongs to their respective owners.
Music composed by Koji Kondo.
Art Cover by MDDC.

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  1. bernapoos says:

    This isn't composed by Koji Kondo. It's composed by Manaka Tominaga. Give credit where credit is due. She rocks.

  2. mxwa01 says:

    2:29 is my favorite :)

  3. mxwa01 says:

    So EPIC!

  4. BrokenMoonStudios says:

    This song wasn't composed by Koji Kondo. He has stepped down from lead composer of Zelda games.
    The composer is Manaka Kataoka. She also did Animal Crossing and Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

    Would be nice if you changed the description. Otherwise, thanks for the sound rip. :)

  5. Astraea says:

    This gave me a massive errection

  6. Llefty says:

    Amazing song, too bad the audio quality gets really bad around 1:15 where the voices were cut out :(

  7. Caio Cesar says:

    I Need a extended version, thanks for share !

  8. Melvin Sonnewald says:

    I want a long Movie about the Zelda Storry😏

  9. Justin Gabiosa says:

    I always get the chills when I listen to this.

  10. Yuvi Singh says:

    sounds like Laputa + good ol Zelda

  11. Gato Brujo says:

    its not composed by koji kondo,tho…

  12. Lambda says:

    Shadow of the colossus?

  13. Hikari says:

    1:40 Musical Orgasm

  14. Pierre Olivaux says:

    2:05 is pure awesomeness

  15. Alex.b Kani_Lazuli says:

    haha the video is classed in twilight princess hd in the description ^^"

  16. IMLR. says:

    Now we need the HQ rip from the CD, I need it right now

  17. The One And the Only says:



  18. Zaldia says:

    I don't think any song has made me feel so emotional ever.

  19. Sediles Astaroth says:

    admit it, you cried too.

  20. GabeSketch says:

    1:40 My favorite part by FAR!!!

  21. Terry says:

    Hey, now i can cry in public while listening to this

  22. Sega Touring Car says:

    this song is FUCKING EPIC!!!

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