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Switch Presentation (Story) Trailer Music – Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Synthesia Piano Tutorial)

Sheet music for violin, clarinet, alto sax, viola and cello also available!
A solo piano transcription of the music heard in the trailer for the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild during the Nintendo Switch Presentation on January 13, 2017.

Sheet music (solo piano):
Sheet music (alto sax):
Sheet music (clarinet):
Sheet music (violin):
Sheet music (viola):
Sheet music (cello):
MIDI: WIll be available at the end of January

Request a transcription and find out what’s next:
Find all of my sheet music and more at:

I don’t own The Legend of Zelda, the footage or its music. The Legend of Zelda (c) Nintendo

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Ainul Yaqin says:

this soundtrack is truly a masterpiece. Gave me chills Everytime

Gameniti says:

0:59 sound like something from Spirit Tracks.

kickyourfaceful says:

It's GREAT!!

Brought Steak2 says:

Very nice, how long does it take u to compose a song?

Misleading Username says:

Hi, could you do Plumeria's theme from Sun and Moon?

Lunar Shadows says:

Hey there 🙂 I know this may be a bit rude but would you be willing to consider doing a cover on Lost In The Waves from Fire Emblem Fates? Its such a good song which I think you can do justice for!!!! Here is a link if your willing to listen ( )

Ravio is a meme says:

Holy crap, you're fast. Awesome job!!!

EmblemBlade9 says:

As someone who can't play, much less write anything by ear, I'm always monumentally impressed by people who can and this is obviously no exception. It sounds fantastic. And it was done such a short time too!

You're doing great work here getting this music out to us :)

ZXApocrypha says:

beautifully done!

kamui says:

Woah, this is crazy! It's been less than a day and you already have this out. Awesome! Definitely going to learn how to play this next!

Lugomaster says:

I hate to ask this, knowing the work you put into it in the last 24 hours alone, but are you planning to release the midi file you constructed anytime soon? Understandable, you'd want to avoid having your work plagiarised, and let me say, great work too!

piano Synthesia says:

hi everyone can u lock my channel i make cover for anime 🙂 i hope you like it

Anibal says:

this is awesome

200ms Brandy says:

Alice's Theme please (i'm not good at english)

Estacion Overwatch says:


Winged Souls says:

also is it just me or does anyone else find the inclusion of a tense version of the 'unlock chime' at 0:31 extremely clever compositionally?

VoltedV says:

For a school project i had chose this trailer play a self made piece and i got the highest mark possible :D

Winged Souls says:

Sheet music for violin, viola, cello, alto sax and clarinet now also available in the description!
I won't be simplifying this, if you would like a simpler version check out demantim's version:
It seems as if in the Synthesia, some notes are held when they are not supposed to be. I don't know why this happened when exporting the midi but as you can see in the sheet music it's not supposed to be the case, so you can let go of those notes especially because they happen when the pedal is depressed anyway.
Now, some updates:
-I would like to do the mario odyssey one but I'd be putting it out midweek and someone is probably working on it as I type this but if no one's done it by midweek I will.
-Pokémon Sun & Moon transcriptions will resume the weekend after that with Battle! Island Kahuna first and then the ones listed on my request list.
-Kled melody instrument sheet music will be worked on as soon as I get up tomorrow morning. After that I'm not sure what League content I'll be doing until the ones listed for Q2/Q3 on the request list; I'm open to doing any new one between now and March if it gets heaps of requests like Camille.
-I probably won't be doing Breath of the Wild soundtrack transcriptions, as (1) March this year is a very busy time for me personally (I won't even be getting the Switch on release) and (2) Transcriptions from a game as hype as Zelda are too competitive for me lol, it took me 8 hours to get this out since its release and heaps of people would be faster and better

jbro212 says:

WOW I was just looking for this, the beginning gave me chills, thanks for this Winged!

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