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rodriguez lifestyles


Darian Vastag says:

just awesome…..lost for words

Satoru I says:

The link to this video was titled "Katy Perry's new song". I'm disappointed….. Just kidding lol. Integrity is the only thing our celebrities lack nowadays

GreekConcerts LiveVideos says:

Winters asleep at my window
cold wind waits at my door

I Felt in love

Routa Lempi says:


TheAlipov says:

Beautiful and poignant. 

elProdigio says:

His better song

emptyhandedman says:

Lines like "…the hi-jacked trying so hard to be pretty" and "the mouthful asks for second helpings" sound much more like today's lesson than back in 70's. Intelligent, bitter and magnificent!

Mohammed6297 says:

Sugar Man Brought me here!

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