Study Music Project – Wish the Moon (2 Hour Long Homework Edit)

This is the”study mode” version of the song “Wish the Moon.” For those that like to study to one song in loop, this video is for you.

The music is about wishes. We all have a wish about someone, something, or some cause. We dream vastly and we hope. That’s why we work hard to aspire for a better future. On a side note, I like the sound of the cello. It always reminds of the moon, which is what partially inspired the name.

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Relaxing, Instrumental Background Music to Help You Study and Focus.
Type: Instrumental Piano and Cello
Song: “Wish the Moon”

MUSIC BY DENNIS KUO, MD (Composer, Musician, Doctor)…


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My name is Dennis Kuo, and I am a resident physician. I am also the MUSIC COMPOSER of the Study Music Project. With my inhumane amount of exam cramming experience and music production, I bring to you my original pieces of study music to help you relax, focus, and concentrate.

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Music composition, arrangement, performance, and production by Dennis Kuo
Artwork by Dennis Kuo

Artwork and Music Copyright 2016 Dennis Kuo. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. MrPen says:

    It made my homework a lot faster than it would be!! My homework was about one hour and I did it in about 25minutes!! thx!!

  2. Zento Gijón says:

    Muchas gracias por tus vídeos. Thank you so much, your videos are awesome happy 2017 from Spain

  3. Conny Jaya says:

    Great music score !!! I've been listening since first year and now I'm about to graduate.

  4. Aisling Daniels says:

    My parents have recently bought my brother a drum kit…and he loves to play it when I'm trying to study (although I'm almost always studying!) this music has been a lifesaver!

  5. hyorim seok says:

    유튭 매일 보는데.. 댓글 처음 남겨봅니다. 음악이 너무 좋아서요. 업무에 방해가 될 정도로 좋네요.
    Even I use Youtube everyday, this is first time to write a comment. Just.. the music is so great. It makes me wander around my memories of travel, love……and disturbs me working. Thanks, music really has some kind of power.

  6. Jerry Dodson says:

    Very, very helpful to study by. Many thanks! Music is medicine; who knows that better than a physician/composer?

  7. Alharek Meriem says:

    thank you for sharing your amazing music , it does realy help me to relax and to concentrate on my work…

  8. Anna Mi says:

    thank u so much…learning Japanese is a big dragggg…but becoz of ur music…I can concentrate longer without getting burnout…ur music really helps me keeping my composure…😸

    great job!!!!

  9. Rose Bergman says:

    Beautiful God Bless!

  10. Cris McNally says:

    Hello, Dennis
    Congratulation got on the new project( I guess it is new1) I have not heard it before. I am sure I will enjoy listening to this one too as much as I do listening to your previous one. I absolutely love the previous one; and I guess they will both "fight" for my attention lol. Thank you for adding so much grace to my life with your compositions.

  11. K! 3000 (Kate) says:

    Just absolutely …..spellbinding. It's perfect….just perfect. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  12. Zoe Mak says:

    thank u for your sharing~i love it so much

  13. אביתר גוטר-אלעזר says:

    thank you! i did a hole book report while listening to this and it was grate! i love this music so much!

  14. Cheney Xu says:

    Thank you bro! I listened your project music for almost 3 years. This is definitely a healing process.

  15. rjay josh says:

    Hello Dr. D this is the right focus tempo I am always looking for. You are the best composer ever! All the best in everything you do!

  16. Hiro Soriano says:

    très bon!

  17. Michelle Lee says:

    Thank you so much! This helped me tremendously! I am such a procrastinator when it comes to homework 🙁 and when I try to do homework at midnight or something I have to do so much work! Something I always do is put on your music first and my pencil goes zoom! Of course, I have to stop with the last minute stuff 🙂 but I cannot tell you how much you have helped me in one comment. Thank you again and keep it up with these amazing original music!
    Hugs from California

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