Dragonball Z Abridged MUSIC: Broly Chronicles (Extended Cut)

Oh, Broly. Of all the Dragon Ball Z characters, why ARE you so strong? There are no answers to be found in this extended cut, but there are some extra lyrics about nut-punching. So, y’know. Enjoy that.

Composed by Cliff “AinTunez” Weinstein
Lyrics by Ben “hbi2k” Creighton and Cliff “AinTunez” Weinstein
Guitar by Il Neige
Vocals by Nick “Lanipator” Landis
Video by Lawrence “MasakoX” Simpson and Ben “hbi2k” Creighton

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  1. bichasssmofo says:

    wen broly 2nd coming?

  2. jafortune says:

    That was some sweet KakaROCK.

  3. Kitty Kitty The Perfect Life Form (Kaede) says:

    Wen Bio Broly?

  4. Beyond Birthday says:


  5. Adrian Nightshade says:

    they had so much fun with this movie

  6. DeusEversor says:

    This Song would be better if it owuld be written and sung by Jack Black ;D

  7. Keva the Half-Kestora says:

    This song fits Broly perfectly. He's so cool, but he's so freaking dumb!

  8. Kodi Koziol says:

    New ringtone!

  9. elvinpirate says:

    Geez.. I've had this stuck in my head all day… It's catchy… But so dumb

  10. Kritikalitee says:

    I hope that Princess Trunks is called that in a few regular episodes haha

  11. NotAnotherSteve says:


  12. Raven Wilson says:

    This song is so cool and I want to pay you money, but it's just so fucking stupid!

  13. raininess says:

    I haven't watched the original movie, so I've been wondering… Was Broly's backstory actually this stupid or did they change it a lot?

  14. Zikar says:

    I wonder if the kid who originally wrote "His power is maximum" ever realised how big it became.

  15. TechnicalProdegy says:

    somehow Lani is pretty good at singing

  16. joseph beard says:

    When Lani channels his inner Jack Black

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