Starset – Monster (Official Music Video)

From the album Vessels – available January 20
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Directed by Punkcity
Additional work by James Buran

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Under the knife I surrendered
The innocence yours to consume
You cut it away
And you filled me up with hate

Into the silence you sent me
Into the fire- consumed
You thought I’d forget
But it’s always in my head

You’re the pulse in my veins
You’re the war that I wage.
Can you change me?
Can you change me?

You’re the love that I hate
You’re the drug that I take
Will you cage me?
Will you cage me?

You’re the pulse in my veins
You’re the war that I wage.
Can you change me?
Can you change me?

From the monster you made me

This is the world you’ve created
The product of what I’ve become
My soul and my youth
It’s all for you to use
If I could take back the moment
I let you get under my skin
Relent or resist?
Seems the monster always wins

My heart’s an artifice, a decoy soul
I’ll lift you up and then I’ll let you go
I’ve made an art of digging shallow holes
I drop the darkness in and watch it grow

My heart’s an artifice, a decoy soul
Who knew the emptiness could be so cold?
I’ve lost the pieces that could make me whole
I am the darkness
I’m the monster

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  1. דניאל זרצקי says:

    its make me sad idk why

  2. Ellen Drake says:


  3. Lola Nerd Hooper says:

    I love it! :)

  4. John Mascarenhas says:

    Every word in this song is pieced to perfection ….I'm really in love with the lyrics .!

  5. Gabrielle Chapin says:

    This perfectly captures both tangible and intangible forces in our world today. One can clearly see that we are drifting apart from each other, which as we I can see at the end, leads not only to us fading away but to our demons polluting the energy of the city and wasting so much potential we could have had. This song altogether seems to be hinting at the fact that even though it isn't possible to change human nature, it is possible to steer it in a better direction, towards love and potential rather than the hate and apathy we see so much of today. Is it possible for us all to keep rising together rather than being in a continuous cycle of bringing each other down? What is the Starset society doing behind the scenes to achieve this?

  6. Aimers G says:

    Makes me think of V for Vendetta. Has a similar vibe to it.

  7. Casey Fuhrer says:

    This video reminds me of the book "Feed"

  8. Marc Bou Saleh says:

    Starset was the band we needed to save todays music

  9. Sayan Banik says:

    how could u not like this track……jst awsm

  10. Mark Goodrich says:

    The music video may apply to the detrimental effect that technology is having on our world and how we interact, but the song can apply to anything that destroys you.

  11. strikehoreges says:

    la llorona en un video de Starset :v

  12. Joel Lee says:

    #Deep music vid

  13. dain adams says:

    weeeeeeeeee finally

  14. Carter May says:

    I'm either an idiot or am I not the only one confused on what the video and the song have in common?? I might be stupid, but I didn't really see it, unless it's not supposed to match or that's the starset way of doing things??

  15. David Roju says:

    Takeover san antonio

  16. Penguin5505 says:

    This is a powerful music video. Dear goodness, best I've ever seen!

  17. Keaven Murphy says:

    the song was legit but idk how the video fit with the music i mean i get the implication "your the drug that i take" but idk it just seemed off

  18. Daniel Vortex says:

    is it just me or does that girl look like olivia munn ?

  19. Marcus Souza says:

    assim vc me acaba starset…que perfeita essa música

  20. Eric Green says:

    THAT was awesome! Im so stoked for Vessels

  21. SwiftStar10111 says:


  22. ᛞDiego19ᛞ says:

    It's that a dementor? :v

  23. kabey young says:

    This song amazingly good and has a Good Story about our future

  24. James Ford says:

    Still only 120K views

  25. Royal Sea Gaming says:

    Holy shit yes Starset!

  26. Евгений Минич says:

    Я хз кто это. Но песня огонь )

  27. Andrew McClure says:

    Like a cross between V for Vendetta and the Matrix

  28. Pangu Untethered says:

    Dope Mask, look's like something annonymous would wear…

  29. Chiro Yakushi says:

    Guys, you're amazing! I'm probably watching this video 100th time. :D

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