Sia & Rihanna Ft. David Guetta – Beautiful People (Music Video)
Sia & Rihanna Ft. David Guetta – Beautiful People (Music Video)
(Fan Made)(Unofficial audio)

Rihanna and Sia first collaborated when Sia wrote Riri’s smash hit “Diamonds”. Here is a leaked demo of another song that Sia wrote for Rihanna.

This is an unfinished version that still contains mostly Sia’s vocals although Rihanna has started to replace it with her vocals that you can hear throughout the song, most prominantly in the second verse.

The final version would have been only Rihanna, but the song was never finished and pop music trends have now moved away from this fist bumping EDM sound.

Once Rihanna decided not to release the song, it was sold to Wiz Khalifa who made it into a softer hip-hop pop sound. You can hear Wiz’s version here:

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  1. super dede says:

    thank you :)

  2. Arnas Andziulis says:

    Why I can't see Sia?

  3. Murat Erşahin says:

    Bune amına kodumun üllücüleri ?

  4. Abdullah Yılmaz says:

    100 bin like az kaldı

  5. Mohamed Abu Bakr says:

    sometimes i cannot differentiate between sia and rihanna voice ,,,, anyone like me or am i the only one out there :)

  6. fabrizio farrugia says:

    what does avicii have to do in this song or is it just the vid ?

  7. Mojahid Bs says:

    Beautiful people say yes, Ugly people screw you ..!

  8. Rosemberg morales alcocer says:


  9. Zita Martins (Jonnes) says:

    Excellente Vidéo 🖒

  10. gat055 says:

    rihana cada vez mas blanca

  11. Top Gametime says:

    subscribe my chennal top gametime please

  12. grah_od_jucer says:

    There are ugly people, only poor. :D

  13. BibajCreative says:

    only Era Istrefi missing here :)



  15. Ömer Durak says:

    TÜRKLER Nerdee bi görelimmmm

  16. Sevda Ismayilova says:

    beautiful song

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