The Best Of Vocal Deep House Chill Out Music 2015 (2 Hour Mixed By Regard ) #1

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  1. Bhoto Aja says:

    I Loved it

  2. Fadefaco says:

    How can you have ads on this? no copyright strike??

  3. trude synnøve arntzen says:

    very good, old but good 😉 Love Oslo. fukk with break :/

  4. Elena Martinovska says:

    I love this one, nice selection of tracks! So well done 😀 <3

  5. Deep House & Tech House says:

    good bro)

  6. EASON DANES says:

    your mixes transcend time and space

  7. Phist says:

    Cause the first song wont mulch horrible memories, to anyone that actually remembers it… 30 seconds later….. What?

    In that faux paux… lies every nefarious profit.

  8. Bill Pekose says:


  9. Markin Andrade says:

    up 2017 up up

  10. snakey1066 says:

    Because this is an awesome mix! Amazing stuff. Great job.

  11. Brayan Moreno says:

    Esta buena

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