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Jazz Instrumental: 3 HOURS of Jazz Music Playlist for Relaxing Happy Summer Chill Out

Jazz instrumental with three (3) hours of smooth elevator music video playlist for relaxing happy summer chill out. This original collection is from my various Jazz Music and Bossa Nova Jazz Albums. Perfect for lunch or dinner parties or just chilling out. NEW sequel jazz music videos are here: and, Jazz in Paris: Jazz in Tokyo: New York Jazz here:

Please download these songs at Reverbnation link of:

Original music by David LewisLuong, Australia. David is a member of the ‘Music for Good’ charity program on Reverbnation. For every song you buy from David’s Reberbnation site (, 50% of the money you spend on his songs will be donated to a charity organisation. Please refer to this link for more information on how your music purchases can help:

Featured in this collection are:

Track 1: Mid summer’s dream (starts at 00:00)
Track 2: Crush on you (starts at 4:45)
Track 3: Joy of love (starts at 9:52)
Track 4: Once upon a time (starts at 14:50)
Track 5: Two of us (starts at 20:27)
Track 6: Bay of paradise (starts at 24:28)
Track 7: Summer love (starts at 28:16)
Track 8: One more time (starts at 31:40)
Track 9: Solace (starts at 35:29)
Track 10: Schroeder and I (starts at 40:09)
Track 11: Under the moonlight (starts at 45:08)
Track 12: Autumn scents (starts at 50:00)
Track 13: A brighter day (starts at 52:53)
Track 14: Road to enlightenment (starts at 57:52)
Track 15: Sweet whispers (starts at 1:03:38)
Track 16: Hand in hand (starts at 1:06:26)
Track 17: Rendezvous (starts at 1:11:23)
Track 18: Flaming Saturday (starts at 1:15:34)
Track 19: Quintessentially yours (starts at 1:19:09)
Track 20: As it was (starts at 1:23:56)
Track 21: Balmy twilights (starts at 1:27:18)
Track 22: Bells of Christmas (starts at 1:29:20)
Track 23: Beyond Azure (starts at 1:31:27)
Track 24: Breezy Sundays (starts at 1:34:54)
Track 25: Bring me tomorrow (starts at 1:38:43)
Track 26: By your side (starts at 1:41:15)
Track 27: Dawn of new days (starts at 1:44:15)
Track 28: Dreaming of a tropic Christmas (starts at 1:47:10)
Track 29: Endless summer (starts at 1:50:34)
Track 30: Eternally yours (starts at 1:56:40)
Track 31: Glide with me (starts at 1:59:25)
Track 32: Halos of eternity (starts at 2:02:25)
Track 33: Heavenly passage (starts at 2:05:26)
Track 34: Horizon blues (starts at 2:09:15)
Track 35: In the presence of beauty (starts at 2:11:23)
Track 36: In your arms (starts at 2:15:25)
Track 37: Island dreams (starts at 2:20:05)
Track 38: I will stand by you (starts at 2:23:30)
Track 39: Memoir of summer (starts at 2:28:08)
Track 40: New beginning (starts at 2:31:02)
Track 41: Ocean of hope (starts at 2:34:17)
Track 42: Paradise (starts at 2:36:56)
Track 43: Pathway to heaven (starts at 2:40:11)
Track 44: Rays of sapphire (starts at 2:45:41)
Track 45: Rejoice for tropic rain (starts at 2:48:36)
Track 46: Rays of sunny emerald (starts at 2:51:26)
Track 47: Starry nights (starts at 2:54:29)
Track 48: Sussuros do mar – Whispers of sea (starts at 2:57:43)
Track 49: Tropic shores (starts at 3:00:43)
Track 50: Vivid dreams (starts at 3:03:43)

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Varex says:

Literally doing an essay and listening to this in class

Lara Maria gameplays says:

gente me ajudem!tenho um canal é não consigo ler os comentários dos vídeos no fim deles!como faço pra ler os comentários deles??

The Military says:


Darlene U says:

ya like jazz?

Omari Champion says:

niiiiice and smooth

remyproductions says:

who knows the location on that the video is showing

Marinus Bijl says:

Guys if you rage on a game just listen to this youll be happy again.

carlos viracocha says:

muy buena musica

Julian Cookie says:

What City is that? (maybe a dumb question)

Andreea Cercel says:

i LOVE this soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. MUCH

oi says:

Whos Whatching In 2017?

Zade Music says:

Great sounds really great vibes and positive tunes. Thank you for that. Perhaps you can feature me on one of your next projects. Look at my profile my newest tracks called "cafe metropol" and "the morning tea and a perfect summer". Hope you like it. Just feel the vibes. Best regards. Zade Music.

Dan Sams says:

ya like jazz?

Angelina Domina says:

it's a good time to be able to listen to this good type of music. some of Fraser don't even know what jazz is.😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭

TBNRGalaxy Playzz says:

Best jazz Ever

Faggy McFegit says:

Hey, does anyone know where this was shot? What is the city that is shown in the video? Thanks.

Cesar Lopez says:

Y O U L I K E J A Z Z ?

Loren Jones says:

Nice…Real Nice…

Alejandro gonzalez says:

mas de 2000 reggaetoneros pasaron por aqui.

RocknRocky123 says:

used the music to fall asleep… the sleeping music scares me O.o

Wesley Roses says:

Amo Jazz

Carlos Chocon says:

que buen jazz muy relajante sobre todo para aquellos que tenemos un caracter pesado muy buen jazz me gusto bastante !!

los putos viedeos Duarte says:

amo el jazz si por mi fuera viviría en un club de jazz

Laura Best says:

my mediation Playlist. thanks!

Pedro Schumacher says:

não nasci pra ser brasileiro

Raul Castañeda says:

Juan Rulfo

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