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  1. Connie Estep says:

    Why in the fuck are you buying lean cuisine, by the way isn't healthy, then do these high calorie mukbangs EVERY day??!!  Just quit talking about your weight already, been past REDICULOUS!!

  2. Elise D'Orazio says:

    Hey Trisha- have you heard of or tried Ole Henriksen skin care products? They are amazing and cruelty free :-D


    trish when u burn urself put whole milk yes whole milk lol on ur burn put ur hand in it basically soak ur burn in whole milk it will stop hurting

  4. Tyrone Fisher says:

    Why can't we all be nice to trisha like seriously? yes everyone has their problems but she is still an amazing person who is a work in progress we don't have to be negative that's why i started a petetion to bring back the old youtube more positivity in the comments and only constructive criticism not negativity because that's not right!

  5. HausOfFine says:

    Trisha I burned myself on the stove recently & I kept putting ice on it till the pain went away. Congrats on your new music.

  6. Leila Kathleen says:

    You were maybe looking for the words 'Spiritual Empowerment' 1:201:25

  7. Ndndndd Sjjjss says:

    with all that money she spend on other stupid shit she should invest on a gastric bypass. just saying

  8. bchbounds says:

    Honestly, does it really make a difference in the overall scheme of things for you to eat things like the "healthy low cal" Mac and cheese when at the same time you're eating like a horse doing all of those Mukbang videos? Seems quite counter-productive from where I sit…

  9. bchbounds says:

    Watching you have to constantly put lip balm on your lips does make me wonder if it has anything to do with your continued injections (or whatever you do to them)? Idk, maybe other ppl have dry lips often? All I know is that I really never have the need for.balms. The 1 exception would be before I apply lip liner, and that's just mainly to help blend it around.
    Maybe you should re-think your regime?

  10. Carlee Patterson says:

    That was scary 2:00

  11. Flap Jac says:

    Vicks on your burn

  12. Sam Antonia says:

    Ii love seeing you inspired and happy :)

  13. Ivana Hump says:

    That was literally 2 seconds of dancing. The video was all yakin and eatin = clickbait.

  14. Angel Love says:

    her mouth is the grossest

  15. Aimee N. says:

    She sure loves that gum.

  16. BorEdZz says:


  17. lu730 says:

    i hate to admit it but i miss Sean !

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