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2-Hours Epic Music Mix | THE POWER OF EPIC MUSIC – Full Mix Vol. 2

*NEW* Best Of Compilation:

2 hours filled with action/dramatic/emotional/heroic tracks based on the ” The Power Of Epic Music “- series. Also works as a motivation mix for any kind of activity: workout, gaming,…



00:00 C21 FX – Ancient Evil – Cody Still
02:22 C21 FX – Legacy – Cody Still
04:59 R. Armando Morabito – Invictus (feat. Uyanga)
08:22 Natanel Arnson – Starboard Victory
10:09 C21 FX – Surrounded – Christopher P. Bragg
12:10 Magnus H. Tellmann – Exile
14:51 Icon Audio – Awakening
17:23 C21 FX – Blood Red Roses – Christopher P. Bragg
20:45 Sub Pub Music (Colossal Trailer Music)- Iron Giant
24:48 Soundcritters – Metacells
27:12 R. Armando Morabito – Sea of Atlas (ft. Julie E. & Tina G.)
33:13 Thunderstep Music – Time Has Come
36:09 Switch. Trailer Music Spaceliner
38:28 C21 FX – Perception – Christopher P. Bragg
41:40 Sub Pub Music (Colossal Trailer Music)- We Will Rise
43:50 Switch. Trailer Music – Plague
46:14 Icon Audio – Aeon Redux
48:33 C21 FX – Gone But Not Forgotten – Christopher P. Bragg
50:39 Sub Pub Music (Colossal Trailer Music) – Aftermath
52:49 C21 FX – Halcyon – Christopher P. Bragg
55:28 Soundcritters – The Heaven Above
57:42 Kari Sigurdsson – Sequence of events
01:00:48 Ethos Music – Final Hope
01:02:11 Switch. Trailer Music – Entropy
01:04:39 Audiomachine – Ascendance
01:06:53 Patryk Scelina – Sky is not a limit
01:08:54 Soundcritters – Colonization
01:11:15 C21 FX – Dream Space – Christopher P. Bragg
01:13:08 Christian Baczyk – Continuum
01:15:32 Max Legend – For All Of Us
01:17:26 R. Armando Morabito – Rising Force (feat. Tina Guo)
01:22:19 Eon Sounds – God Of Asgard
01:24:44 Icon Audio – Emerge
01:27:27 James Pagget – Vulcan
01:29:17 Switch. Trailer Music – The Return of Astraea
01:30:53 C21 FX – Fallen Heroes – Christopher P. Bragg
01:34:02 Audiomachine – Legends of Destiny
01:36:25 C21 FX – After the Fall – Christopher P. Bragg
01:38:39 Audiomachine – Knights and Lords
01:40:59 Rodney Spence – The Last Transport
01:43:25 Audiomachine – Existence [Pandora Extended]
01:48:50 Soundcritters – Unity
01:51:15 Audiomachine – Sura
01:53:28 Peter Roe – On the Edge
01:55:18 Kári Sigurðsson – Twist Of Fate
01:58:23 Peter Roe – Time Traveller [Pandora Version]

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Let's invade Canada while playing this. Don't ask why, just do it.

MR_CrazyPants says:

i'm listening this while making homework LOL

TheBoyPro_ YT says:


Luck Zeisaki says:


Kevin Higgins says:

Listening to this while I hack. Best way to get in the groove and take over networks ;)

Amy Iverson says:

submitting college apps 5 minutes before they're due

Patrick W says:

sad tht this is the "best" after 5 volumes

Patrick W says:

not epic just bad, nice music if u hv sm probs with sleep

pihyv says:

If I scream during this song Il probably roar… or squeak

Marshall Lee says:

huinya, avtor ebanutyi

Crazy Rainbow says:

I'm listening to that during writing a book 😉😉 for the most thrilling scenes 😂😂 (sorry my english is 👎👎👎)

Prashant Kashyap Jha says:

My Cat was listening this daily…now he became a Tiger.

ChewieJamie says:

Essays due tomorrow listening to this, wish me luck…

Huan Palyama says:

Music Genre Please

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