Tech N9ne – Strictly Strange Tour 2017 | Strange Music

Tech N9ne’s Strictly Strange Tour 2017 | Strange Music
Tour info coming soon –
Strange Music | Hip Hop/Rap



Strange Music is pleased to announce the Strictly Strange Tour 2017 – featuring Tech N9ne with special guests Brotha Lynch Hung, Krizz Kaliko, Stevie Stone and Ces Cru! With 68 shows in 74 days, the Strictly Strange Tour 2017 is the must see tour of the spring. Keep on the lookout for the full list of cities and dates – tickets and VIP packages will be available soon.

Get your tickets and get ready to make your spring Strictly Strange!

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  1. Kai B says:

    come to toronto man you didnt last year, i went to the concert in 2014 and 2015, i was disipointed this year

  2. luiz francisco says:

    Tech N9ne o máximo…

  3. ANGER IS A GIFT says:

    well I dunno what to believe, I looked around online and can't find a straight answer…….

  4. Adam Heigton says:

    This gonna be only in the U.S or he comin to Canada too?

  5. j2323j says:

    This is Real Hiphop

  6. ANGER IS A GIFT says:

    I stand corrected………I guess he did leave…..hmmmm….but when Bulletmaker came out he was reppin' the Strange chain on the album cover……but that album was on MadeSicc

  7. ANGER IS A GIFT says:

    to those that said Lynch wasn't with Strange anymore………'s your proof he's still with Strange.  He was just doing his own thing with his own label

  8. Altaïr ibn La-Ahad says:

    Poland, Please? <3

  9. Claudia Cardona says:

    Shits going to be litttttt 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Roland4Deep says:


  11. Matt Man 416 says:

    Please come to Buffalo NY!!!

  12. Steven Gonzalez says:

    oh shit #BLH and #StrangeMusic again

  13. MasonTheeGr8 says:

    I see myself again

  14. Anthony Guzman says:


  15. domo pio says:

    "Yup Yup" Getting the tickets🤘

  16. Psykotik says:

    Please come to Iowa, Tech! Please come to Iowa! I need to finally see a Strange Music concert!

  17. KING KRONDO says:

    bout time…been a fat min since good tours like these from strange

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