Mail Call Our Holiday Envelopes An Expat Philippines Foreigner Lifestyles Video

We received a few cards and letters this season so we made a mail call video. Thanks for watching. We are Bushcraft and Survival and anything outdoors. We also have expat videos from the Philippines about filipinos and their lifestyles, travel videos, and local flavor videos and cooking videos.

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  1. Bernard Bredhauer says:

    Its great how much support you guys are getting from around the world and you deserve it wholeheartedly. Thanks for sharing Dan.

  2. Todd Smith says:

    Thanks for all the videos. My fiance's family lives in La Union/Trinidad and i was there in September. Love seeing the footage of your travels around the area and seeing familiar sites. I cant wait to return in a couple of months to visit her family. Stay well and god bless you and your family.

  3. Neda Gehan says:

    Im happy for you guys peple loves you hope someday your family visit in America Shannon is pretty girlGod bless you guys .

  4. Shineamen mbs says:

    Dan, thanks a lot for your kind words. I trust Shannon for making the seeds germinate and grow.
    Rhus lancea (African Sumac) and Schinus molle (California pepper tree) belong to the same botanic family. I like the elegance of branches and leaves. Hi to Uncle Joel and you Sir from the Navy. Ingat everyone.

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