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‘ARISE’ | 1 Hour of Epic Orchestral Action & Adventure Music Mix

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✖ Track List:
Sybrid – Skybard
Hi-Finesse – Andromeda (Erich Lee)
Imagine Music – Jumping From Clouds (Sergey Zubarev)
Patrick Lenk – Arise
Fredrik Blom – To Live For, To Die For
Karl Hõbessalu – Limitless
Komario – With It Or On It
Julia Saltflower – Deity
Andrew Kirkof – Wonderland Myth
Miguel Ángel Urbano Lasarte – The Civil War
Marc Jungermann – Time Raiders
David Fesliyan – Super Hero
Sergey Gol – War And Peace
Maxime Luft – Glorious Predators
Tobias Alexander Ratka – The Leader
Oz Nelson – Waiting
Maxime Luft – Unstoppable
Mathieu Clobert – Scream From Gotham
Shizen – Lullaby For The Giant
Norrius Music – Guardians Of Arcadia
Roman Heuser – Red Will Be Shed

✖ Image:

✖ Note for the new Artists:
If you would like to submit your own track or Artwork then please follow below instructions.

You can either send me an message in here with download link or you can email me at

► If it’s a Track then it needs to be at least 320 kbps with small description/Genre on the track.

► If it’s a Artwork then it always needs to be 16:9 aspect ratio (No logos in bottom corners)

✖ Note:- I’m not the creator of this Music or Image, All rights belongs to respective owners. Feel free to Message me if you know the original Image Artist. Have Fun!

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ToothlessTamer Industries says:

I came, I saw, I finished the fight. :D

MingoMusic says:

Liked the pic of Ruby for the 3rd song

Zinou Holmes says:

45:00 THE DOCTOR <3 <3
:'( i almost cried when i saw that sad picture of the timelord who has so many feelings deeply inside his hearts <3 <3

Sanivia says:

oh look, another anime character without a nose.

ISiyu Productions (siyu-chan) says:

Come for the RWBY, stay for the music <3

PMW3 says:

looking at the comments it looks like I'm the only one that clicked on this video because I was looking for upbeat action music and it was posted by ThePrimeCronus

Angelos Ballao says:

The moment I saw Ruby, I immediately clicked on the video. I love Ruby. Best girl in RWBY!

afr malatesta says:

What a joy- Thanks… usual- My house is sparkling, clean for 2017….Epic, encouragement 🙂 Blessings TPC for 2017

Nahuel occan says:

muy bueno muchas gracias


Kelley Kindred says:

Nooooo!! Please put the buttons and links to the different songs back in the description. =(

Natalia Hirabe says:

600th like

iliketrains0pwned says:

Am I the only one that thought the title said "ARSE"?

Monster says:

Seriously some of the musics are shit, can you not mix them together

Florian Günzer says:

god damn, prime! Everytime… :D

Steampunk Butler says:

clicked for Ruby, stayed for Star Lord

Fredrik Blom says:

Thanks for including my music!

Andrew Zitlih says:

Наливной канал! С меня подписка и резкий лайк!Надеюсь на взаимность!)? Mutual subscription lets go !

Samuel Lichard says:

– Time Stamps –
0:002:14: Sybrid – Skybard
2:155:00: Hi-Finesse (Erich Lee) -Andromeda
5:018:04: Imagine music – Jumping
From Clouds (Sergey Zubarev)
8:0513:17: Patrick Lenk – Arise
13:1815:14: Fredrik Blom – To Live For To Die For
15:1517:49: Karl Hobessalu – Limitless
17:5020:54: Komario – With it Or On It
20:5523:59: Julia Saltflower – Deity
24:0126:56: Andrew Kirkof – Wonderland Myth
26:5729:45: Miguel Angel Urbano Lasarte – The Civil War
29:4634:06: Marc Jungermann – Time Raiders
34:0737:21: David Fesliyan – Super Hero
37:2239:53: Sergey Gol – War And Peace
39:5442:37: Maxime Luft – Glorious Predators
42:4144:32: Tobias Alexander Ratka – The Leader
44:3347:34: Oz Nelson – Waiting
47:3550:29: Maxime Luft – Unstoppable
50:3053:45: Mathieu Clobert – Scream From Gotham
53:4656:05: Shizen – Lullaby For the Giant
56:0658:43: Norrius Music – Guardians Of Arcadia
58:451:02:05: Roman Heuser – Red Will be Shed

Mickey Rs says:

i didn't saw any boobies … and i stayed . (lame pun )

Mangekyo Sharingan says:

Someone add timer :3 <3

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