Meghan Trainor – Dear Future Husband

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  1. Dimkee Hotay says:

    I miss this old fashioned style music, it has so much more life. Funny thing is I'm only 12 and I somehow miss something I've never experienced. This song is extremely retro 1950s.

  2. The Alpha wolf says:

    Is it me or dosent it sound a bit like Olly Murs: dance with me tonight?

  3. Amy Cregger says:

    σk líѕtєn tσ dєαr futurє huѕвαnd вч mєgαn trαínєr thєn dαncє wíth mє tσníght вч σllч murѕ hєαr thє ѕαmє вєαt αnd lσσk αt thє чєαrѕ 😮

  4. Mundo Da Maria Clara says:

    i'm from Brazil
    o love this song
    Bay Bay

  5. Stu Pot says:

    So this is how niceguys are created.

  6. Yeimi Morales says:

    this is my favorite song

  7. Black Jack says:

    i love you

  8. Manavi Sharma says:

    Reaction time made me notice this vid was posted on my bday lool

  9. Robert the vlogger says:

    Who noticed at the table in the chair the Annabelle doll

  10. Sabrina N says:

    Whos listening this in february

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