Marshmello – Summer (Official Music Video) with Lele Pons



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Director: Daniel Burke
Creative Agency: 23FIFTN
Executive Producer: Daniel Malikyar
Producer: Karam Gill
DP: Casey Stolberg
Production Designer: Kendra Bradanini & Jake Collins
UPM: Jack Winter
Editor: Julian Conner & Alex Crosby
Colorist: Kinan Chabani

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  1. Katrina Jackson says:

    I wish life was like this

  2. MelanietheDJgirl martinez says:

    omfg i love this music vidoe :)))

  3. Aaron Risky says:

    me di cuenta que marshmello es un inadaptado social en sus videos , todos se burlan :(

  4. Eric D. says:

    get someone hotter next time

  5. Loxy the Fox says:


  6. Lari Carvalho says:

    It is the same place where hardwell and jay recorded the thinking bout you video!!!

  7. KingPixelCraft says:

    Can this post get lots of likes for no reason?

  8. Anthony Aeon says:

    💣🚀🔭🐧 Dot com

  9. Kathryn Wingard says:

    the first time I watched this it's was on #18 trending and that was 5 mins ago now it's on #6 trending

  10. PiKassoChannel says:


  11. Aimie Nady says:


  12. rei Zombie says:

    cade os br

  13. antwone davis says:

    who watching at 9:44 pm Et January 9th 2017

  14. PRJ Creation says:

    marshmallow I love u……

  15. CaramelMurder29 says:

    Dumpster guy = Guy Fieri

  16. Panji Arrazy says:

    Harley Queen

  17. Voided Minimal says:

    This is literally so precious oh my god…

  18. terabyte q says:

    this is a beautiful song

  19. Buddy Zombie says:

    Lele looks ugly in this music vid no offense tho

  20. Miragee 12 says:

    if ou know the meaning of the video is bullying

  21. iiWolfiz says:

    You do realise for the other half of the world it is indeed summer.
    Its summer for me lol.

  22. Tranphuan Tran says:

    It's summer in Australia so kinda makes sense?

  23. Miguel Melendez says:

    Is that girl datsik?

  24. Brian Romero Brooks says:

    Did Marshmello lost weight?

  25. Luan Raphael Rocha says:

    Marshmello sempre 🙌🏽

  26. Wearethefoxes says:

    Summer is early this year 😁

  27. Fabrizio Beteta says:

    Video Clip = Alone 2.0?

  28. Mauricio López says:


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