CELTIC Christmas Music ★ Full Album ★ Xmas Music ★ Merry Christmas

Celtic Music – Celtic Christmas Music – Full Album –
★ Xmas Music ★ Merry Christmas

Join award winning Celtic band Govannen on a delightful album of instrumental Celtic Christmas music. Traditional favourites get a Celtic twist as two fiddles, Irish whistles, bodhran, zithers and more play stunning arrangements as jigs and reels alternate with haunting slow airs of Celtic carols.
1. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 4.07
2. In The Bleak Midwinter 3.30
3. We Three Kings Wenceslas Ding Dong Merrily 5.20
4. The Holly And The Ivy The First Noel 5.25
5. Wexford Carol 5.17
6. Oh Little Town An Dro Nevez Hark The Herald 5.59
7. Breton Carol Schiarazula Marazula 4.19
8. Don Oche d i mBeithil 4.36
9. Three Ships Two Jigs Merry Christmas Deck The Halls 4.56
10. Silent Night 5.57
11. And The Band Played On… 1.28
total time 51.25
Chris Conway Irish tin & low whistles, keyboards, zither, bombarde, vocals, acoustic 9 string guitar, bodhran, drum loops, theremin, chimes, kantele, temple bells, percussion
Adele McMahon violin, vocals
Roger Wilson violin, vocals
Dan Britton acoustic guitar, bodhran, percussion, vocals
Neil Rabjohn cajon drum, percussion, vocals
special guest
Bridget McMahon vocals
All tracks traditional and arranged by Chris Conway
( from CD description Celtic Christmas http://www.paradisemusic.us.com/albumsDetail.asp?id=307 )

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„Celtic Christmas“ by Govannen
( Full Album – PMCD0269 ) © by http://www.paradisemusic.us.com

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This video uses the full Celtic Christmas – full album ( about 51 minutes ) by Govannen

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„Celtic Christmas“ by Govannen
( Full Album – PMCD0269 ) © by http://www.paradisemusic.us.com

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  1. Nanaya Nortci says:

    CELTIC CHRISTMAS:Zaujímavá muzička zimného slnovratu.Navodí úžasnú radostnú ,relaxačnú atmosféru na toto obdobie .👌👏😇😘

  2. Linda Bracken says:

    Thank you for such beautiful, relaxing, inspirational sounds  to help me complete my Christmas card correspondence to loved ones!

  3. Colleen Bell says:

    Love this music.. Happy and Festive! Seasons Greeting Everone!

  4. c_harli_ Anony says:

    Merry Christmas all. 500 miles away from home and homeland but I can feel Christmas here :(

  5. Ann L. Gardner says:

    Love this! Beautiful and merry! :o)

  6. John Scanlon says:

    I feel very Christmas festive!

  7. Christopher Whedon says:

    Being 1/2 Scottish, this music soothes my Celtic genes! What an amazing culture! Awesome music makes me desire SNOW!

  8. Norma Smith says:

    Another year, here, listening this wonderful Celtic music!
    May God keep you all and
    Merry Christmas!!!

  9. Kannon Joshuartha says:

    Happy yule

  10. NUBE NUBE says:

    hermosa musica

  11. Julie Hill says:

    Really pleasant music. Definetely Celtic.

  12. MyHeroZero says:

    xmas…. what's an xmas???? It's CHRISTmas!!!!!

  13. Relax Night and Day says:

    Enjoy the christmas time of this year 2016 !

  14. PMC Deb says:

    Magnifique, ça change des classiques ! J'étais déjà fan de la musique irlandaise…mais là je suis carrément tombée amoureuse!!!!0 <3

  15. Mária Lukács says:

    This music it's so WONDERFUL **** Thank you very much ****

  16. Alexander Dwyer says:

    Love their version of Good King Wenceslas @10:31

  17. Nate Landherr says:

    Celtic Music for a Celtic holiday

  18. Wolf Queen says:

    This is soo good! 🙂 Celtic music+ Christmas music= AWESOME!

  19. dogtown zboyz says:

    My absolute favorite time of year…I know it's early but Cheer's to you good people.

  20. Ayelet Navon says:

    Best music ever

  21. Elizabeth Jaco says:

    I actually just listen to this to help me study. Year round.

  22. Alan Rossi says:

    What a wonderful combination, Celtic and Holiday Music! Many thanks for the joyful listening experience.

  23. Miryam Vargas says:

    algo bello para el espíritu

  24. Eddie Cairns says:

    Greetings, Great music & A HAPPY NEW YEAR !

  25. Nicolaas Veldhouse says:

    My heritage, your joy…

  26. Rita Johnson says:

    God Rest Ye Merry Gentilemen

  27. Jean Kapik says:

    I liked this music,very soothing.

  28. Terry Oneil P says:

    Great chill out music for this tine of year.

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