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A Tragedy Of Neglect An Expat Philippines Foreigner Lifestyles Video

It is a sad day in Burgos, a little boy was electrocuted yesterday. He was a sweet innocent child who always said hi to us as we passed. Used to call me Shannon when he was three years old. It is a tragedy that he was roaming around unsupervised, but that is normal here. Sorry for the morbid video but I thought someone should say something, thanks for watching. We are Bushcraft and Survival and anything outdoors. We also have expat videos from the Philippines about filipinos and their lifestyles, travel videos, and local flavor videos and cooking videos.

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Maurice Gatdula says:

from Him we came, to Him we return. RIP

Josephine Albao says:

it's a sad video. ..this kind of tragedy can be avoided if only those people are being educated…my prayers to the family. .God bless.

Paul Carvalho says:

this is so sad to see, I have tears rolling down my face, such a tragic loss……

Sebastian Asia says:

was the electric line so close to the ground that small children can touch it?
very sad

Apollo Raiders says:

So Sad … :-(

Shasta Pup says:

So sad, prayers to the family. RIP.

A Foreigner in the Philippines says:

sadly this the way that life can be here in our world Dan. . I'm sure that help is already on the way through your channel but let us know if there is more to be done fast. Godspeed the child.

David Ritch says:

When I was stationed at Clark Air Base in the 1980s . I constantly saw very young children roaming around without a much older child , teenager or parent !!! There are numerous cases there of children killed because of neglect or non-supervision . Parents leave children to care for children !!! My ex-wife's Uncle had his young child bring his lunch to him by crossing a busy and dangerous road , the child was killed by a truck !!!

Tony Prezzato says:

I just googled the cost of caskets in the Philippines and in STO. TOMAS, Pampanga they sell flat tops coffins for about P5000 . Hopefully they cost the same where you live !
I would like to help and was wondering how much more is needed ?

Shineamen mbs says:

Dan i feel and share your sadness and anger.
Condolences to the family.

gunterm2009 says:

Very sad and a tragedy that could have been avoided. Seen u comment Dan, u wantot try to talk to the kids at school etc. Hope the Administration lets u. Could teach those kids alot about safety etc.

James Williams says:

That's so sad! Terrible that has happened. My prayers go out to the poor child and his family.

But, I will tell you something Dan. I remember my parents telling me a story about how I nearly burn down the house. Me and my older brother was playing with the barbecue lighter fluid and matches in the backyard. We've seen my dad light up the grill many, many times, and he told us many, many times, don't touch the lighter and lighter fluid. But, being the curious and mischievous boys we were, we didn't listen.

So, my brother poured lighter fluid inside the grill (take in mind the grill was up against the wall of the house in the back yard.) I lite the fluid and it when up in flames. My brother had poured a lot of the fluid on the grill. The flames started licking at the house and back window.

Of course we panicked, ran in the house and told my mom. She panicked and yelled for my dad. He ran outside with the fire extinguisher and put out the fire in the grill. The siding was scorched but didn't burn through. Let's say we could sit for a few days. Never did that again! The moral of the story is, kids are curious. Accidents will happen. Now and then, tragedies will occur. As parents, we must watch our children as much as possible and try to prevent harm from coming to them. Teach them properly so they know the dangers.

whitey george says:

The wiring SHOULD BE ROUTED SO NO person can touch it bare wires or not ,The blame goes onto the wiring electrician.

Bernard Bredhauer says:

Very sad mate…..No young child shouldn't go that early.

jason herring says:

i can tell it was going too be bad news right from the start , just because of how you looked and that is a sad day . I wanna say sorry too the family's loss and god please protect that childs soul and bring it too heaven and watch over that child , R.i.p little kid

Mika Lee says:

Does seem to happen a lot when it rains, in the Philippines. Definitely a sad thing.

Jane Dudynsky says:

So true, lots of little kids running around with no parent's supervision. My prayers for the family and the soul of that sweet boy. May he rest in peace in heaven.


That's why I hate rats too. May the little boy rest in peace for an eternity with God.

Jason Ed says:

God bless that little boy and god help his family …. so sad

Unicorn Phantasm says:

My condolences to the family.

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