THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE TV Spot #4 – Cue The Music (2017) Animated Comedy Movie HD – The Lego Batman Movie TV Spot #4 – Cue The Music (2017) Animated Comedy Movie HD

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  1. magic man says:

    "stop him before he starts singing" Omg
    the joker is gonna be so awsome

  2. Arkham Studios says:

    I'm looking for voice actors for my lego batman stop motion series, interested? Contact me

  3. Dr.Batstrange man says:

    who saw a flying monkey at a millisecond in 0:15? They're going to, without a doubt, sponsor Lego Dimensions in this movie.

  4. Goldenage24 says:

    what's the name of the song

  5. serena swarovski says: <- Please follow me on instagram!

  6. TheVandrell says:

    I love the fact they pretty much reference every iteration of the franchise.

  7. Rafe Navarro says:

    I think The Lego Batman Movie is going to be a musical action comedy film.

  8. ThatDCMendezGuy says:

    "Let's get nuts", I'm gonna be nerding out in the theater through out the entire movie.

  9. Terrell Williams says:


  10. The Sacrificial Leader says:

    Deadpool "Cue the music"

  11. Jkop says:

    I think we're officially in the tv spot time for the Lego batman movie.

  12. Bruce Deliso says:

    "Let's get nuts!" *large inhale REFREEEEEEEEEEENNNCCCEEE

  13. Алексей Андронов says:

    It's too cool! Really, really can't wait for it!

  14. Snowball the bunny says:

    Can't wait!

  15. Super Gamer 47 says:

    the best lego batman movie trailer so far!!!

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