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Exploring Racial Unity Through Music

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h0pl1t says:

AIU did you hear about Finlad progressive miss contest?

XiGoat says:

Vegan Gains gave you a shout out on his Jaclyn Glenn video.

AKArainkit says:

Funny thing is, 9 times out of 10, these 'thug rappers' don't even know how to use a gun, much less be willing to kill someone with it.

Christopher Bell says:

The perfect antidote to all this bollocks, is Weird al Yankovics, White and Nerdy.

Dave Steyn says:

Alpha Cuck

Camurai Warrior says:

Do they know how stupid they look?

Camurai Warrior says:

Racial unity? No such thing, ever. Birds of a feather n such

roy mcroy says:

why not just drop a beat,nigga and repeat,,,oh yeah, they ave,,,

Otomon (Otomon) says:

Loved the video bro! Btw would you bang the shit out of Lauren Southern or are you neutral about it?

Sjrpride77 says:

This is not even close to the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the rap music that comes out of Chicago. It's called drill music. Take it from me, I've been listening to it for about 4 years and it gets pretty ridiculous. You can really see how black lives matter to these rappers and citizens of Chicago, the birthplace of this music…

stephen white says:

I want to see history graduates bring out a rap video to counter this video and push their shit back

Eric Delvalle says:

Ummmm..Deevon! You mentioned the gentleman throwing a body in a burner, actually he said he would throw away his burner, which is a slang term for a firearm.

Call me Brenda says:

The statistic for in 2013 is African Americans are committed 52.2%of all murders. Staggeringly high stat for only being 13% of the US population. The lyrics and video glorify violence.

Loki Odinssønn says:


IanAlderige says:

Song's got a good beat tho

Chromosome chrome says:

Omfg Bro!! i dont care about America and Americunts ffs who cares about America? it's a shithole! people be like THIS IS MURICA WE'RE THE CENTER balblbal Fuck off. Eurisa Above all!

David Van Steyn says:

Also All you do to combat trump supporters is Ad HOms

David Van Steyn says:

So can i watch you even though Trump better than Hillary?

Alex Totherocket says:

AIU please talk about latest meryl streep speech!

jmoneyy1984 says:

uuuuuhhhhj devonnnnn nicotine actually has positive effects on the brain

on the rocks with salt says:

If you look up "PBG Hothead" on YT there is a rap video made by one of the men who participated in the kidnapping of the guy in Chiraq. Kidnapping someone was on his rapper cred bucket list. 

Maliken says:

This video is st8 try'flin and Devon need to get off his hook frontin wit a kangaroo and start swurvin.

Scott Broyles says:

I smell a Grammy.

FronktheGronk says:

And somehow cops are painted the more trigger happy people.
Not all, of course, not all cops AREN'T trigger happy

Strange Tamer says:

You want to see racial unity to music. Go to any psytrance video and read the comments, nothing but love, peace and unity. Not a mention of politics or racial hatred. Or even better, go to a psytrance rave yourself and feel it.

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