1984 – WIVB CBS – Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Debut Promo

A promotional spot for Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous on Buffalo’s WIVB Channel 4 CBS.

In the debut episode we can see:

– John Forsythe’s true passion
– The safari home of Siegfried and Roy
– Linda Carter’s Wedding Album

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  1. MrPrisoner7 says:

    There was a outro song for the lifestyles of the rich and famous sung by a woman. I can't seem to find that one. does anyone know who she is or the song itself.

  2. stndrds79 says:

    such great memories..i remmeber staying up late sat night.miss those days ..my childhood :(

  3. steelerztigurz8397 says:

    i wish someone would please kindly send me this full episode.

  4. spiceysparkles says:

    "Sigfreid and Roy with their Jungle Friends"…LOL!!! ;D

  5. Ramon Lazo says:

    Go one further: this stupid show created the culture that architected the financial meltdown in 2008. The rich people featured on this show were formerly underground with their wealth and power. This show put them above ground for everyone to admire. This show demonstrated that being ostentatious, rich and powerful were qualities to be admired. What this show failed to elucidate is just how shitty and those people really were/are.

    I, too, hate this show.

  6. deb310red says:

    I guess that Siegfried and Roy discovered that their "jungle friends" prefer living in the jungle. 

  7. miamivicepastels83 says:

    @jamal000 u think so? i feel it was shows like mtv's "the real world" that helped popularized reality tv. this to me was just like a lil kind of documentary. kind of

  8. OMG BeCkY says:

    LOL @ how young everyone was

  9. jamal000 says:

    I hated this show. Don't wanna see how good the rich and famous live. This show pretty much spawned trash TV known as reality TV.

  10. steelerztigurz8397 says:

    Awesome promo! So full of nostalgia. I'd appreciate you posting the episode with Siegfried and Roy. Would love to see it!!!! Thanks.

  11. OMG BeCkY says:

    I wish there were complete episodes of this show available somewhere :(

  12. Agata Rocka Stadiem says:

    how can I contact the person who posted this video? I'm interested in getting this video. thanks!

  13. domirules28 says:

    i never remember wivb airing lifestyles….i do remember wutv airing at on saturday nights around 6pm during the late 80s…

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