Winter Jazz, Winter Jazz Music: Best Winter Jazz Piano & Winter Jazz Mix Instrumental Playlist

Winter jazz, winter jazz music. Best winter jazz piano & winter jazz mix and winter jazz instrumental playlist. This winter jazz collection is composed and recorded by Australian musician David Lewis Luong. Download this album here:

NEW winter jazz collection here:

David LewisLuong is a member of the ‘Music for Good’ charity program on Reverbnation. For every song you buy from David’s Reverbnation site (, 50% of the money you spend on his songs will be donated to a charity organisation. Please refer to this link for more information on how your music purchases can help:

Featured in this winter jazz music collection are :

Track 1: Sweet dreams (starts at 00:00)
Track 2: Ipanema by night (starts at 6:32)
Track 3: Another world (starts at 11:16)
Track 4: Midnight espresso (starts at 14:33)
Track 5: Smooth as latte (starts at 19:17)
Track 6: Moonlight by my side (starts at 23:51)
Track 7: One night in Paris (starts at 34:13)
Encore starts at 1:04:21

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  1. Deedee Creamer says:

    thanks, Lewis, for so beautiful collection

  2. Sunny Darknight says:

    Ty and thanks for this chilly moments to enjoy and listen!!!

  3. Jasmine Pegues says:

    Ugh, ads xD

  4. Gabriel Frost says:

    David………you've done it again Sir.

  5. edgar lamas says:

    best music i ever hear, aweson

  6. Gene Hayes says:

    Friday night, smooth Chardonnay, smooth nightie and the right piece to this puzzle….love the added beats for the right mood…

  7. Flores Cameon says:

    even thought winter is over i still love the nice feeling that maybe it can snow 1 more day.good job dude this is great music

  8. Maura Montilva says:

    todas me gustan pero la del minuto 35 es la mejor

  9. xo. danielle14 says:


  10. Gee! says:

    Not only is this music awesome, but the creator / publisher even goes as far to reply to the majority of the comments. Fabulous work!

  11. laura fátima lópez sáez says:

    Hola Lewis. Ya estoy suscripta a tu canal. Es excelente. En el mío (laura fatima lopez saez), encontrarás arte, joyas en papel y reciclaje creativo. Saludos!!!

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