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The Madden Brothers – Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous – IT20 Cricket

The Madden Brothers perform Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous at the cricket on Australia Day

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therickrocket says:

rich lames. who's cocks you guys sucking

Minato Battlefiend says:

I love andrea

Chloe Lai says:

3 years still know the lyrics

Dan “Dirty D” Valdes says:

Too bad the maddens best friend tony lavato stabbed my buddy to death & when I spoke up about it they knew people in power and censored my music by black balling me for years now. I have a song about it called "Pain" on here

Exequiel Ps says:

Nice performance but… wtf is that? your next show is in a bar with 30 people? how that happend to GC?

Ro Davids says:

class harmonies

CreeperMadSam says:

I seen them last month

Courtney Vasco says:

wishes came trueeeeee

Lily pad says:

their harmony in this song is bliss…takes me back to hs oh the memories lol

ItsBritt 6661 says:

Ugh amazing performance!!! and so glad this band is back at it again!! good Charlotte FOR LIFE!! & YES!! THEIR BACK!! IF SOME YOU DON"T KNOW!

gingers tolu says:

gc fo lyf

Ben Reddy says:

Why is the crowd not going fucking crazy!! This is unreal!! 👊✌️❤️

Duran Visek says:

damn they fucking killed that shit!

Trev x says:

fuck!!! Please get the band back!!!! I need to see gc before I die!

Saby says:

I love this guys!! ❤😍 4ever GC FANS

cinnamon bun says:

breaks my heart


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