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Russ: Music Game is Not What It Looks Like, “Popping” Artists Are Broke

VladTV recently sat down with New Jersey rapper and singer Russ, who has made waves with his single, “What They Want.” VladTV’s Mereb Gebremariam and Russ discuss the up-and-comer’s disillusionment with the music industry now that he has seen how it works from the inside. Russ admits that he felt mislead by the hip hop media, and that he wouldn’t want to meet some of his music idols because he’d likely be let down. According to Russ, “Learning about the music industry is like finding out Superman has a stunt double.”

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Nero 3S says:

I'm so happy to see this guy blow up.

abottleofRUMtv says:

one of his eyes is green and the others black.this niggas a mutant.

Nik Sankovich says:

this dude has a complex

Elegy says:

this straight facts

Eli. Te says:

Russ is the G.O.A.T💯🔥🔥🔥

D payne says:

dis nigga wack..pull the trigger my ass..soft ass cotton candy mf

fabiyan esquivel says:

Yo first interview I seen from Russ but this dude real af

Hands Only says:

Did he say 2000 people?

Dee$moke says:

Yo this dude is right like sum artist cant sell out venues with 400 500 ppl let alone by themselves

Anderson Boyer says:

yo this nigga pulled out the toothpick, you know he about to speak some real shit

Mike East says:

He begs for credit and complains all the time 

3GrImDaReApA666 says:

I can tell the games not what it looks like because who is this nigga?

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