Rodriguez – Sandrevan Lullaby Lifestyles

USA – 1971 From the album Coming From Reality

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  1. Davide Lo Castro says:

    Grazie … from Italy !!

  2. Da So says:

    lyrics spinning back into themselves. Each stanza an epic. How did he keep so well hidden for so long? Genius. i cannot stop listening to him.

  3. SquatGamer says:

    A master piece.

  4. Ivan Ivanović says:

    transforming gloominess into beauty, restorating wracks, composting manure

  5. Kjetil Harket says:

    Incredible song and voice! Goes straight to the heart.

  6. Sofiya Hutsal says:

    What an incredible human being

  7. Ryan Houston says:

    Heard Sugar man for the first time in a movie that had it as part of its soundtrack. I think it was "Candy" starring Heath Ledger. Been a huge fan since…

  8. Roman Lakes says:


  9. R Henson says:

    "She laughed when I tried to tell her hello only ends in goodbye."
    That is one great lyric.

  10. Duarte Terán says:

    Beautiful song! Rodrigues is fantastic!

  11. Chris Johnson says:

    I just downloaded Rodriguez's discography today, and this song is INCREDIBLE…haunting and moving!  It blows my mind that NO ONE in the U.S. knew who he was in the '70s.  The guy's a perfect hybrid of Jim Croce and Bob Dylan.

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