Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (February 23, 1985)

With maximum emphasis on “Rich”, this special episode takes a look at then the richest person on the world- Saudi tycoon Adnan Khashoggi on this special edition of Lifestyles of the Rich And Famous.

A special thank you to Timothy Hollywood Khan for originally publishing a clip from this episode.

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  1. tim cook says:

    private planes existed back in 1985? well wow!

  2. omar mokter says:

    western propaganda , look at where he is now, instead of wasting his , money, which he had access to, because of his father , was a doctor, to, king , abdullah, or king sulieman, so, that is how, he became, rich, not self made, wasting his money, or Saudi's people money, the muslim, and arab, wealth, should be spent, in arab, less fortubate poor countries, instead, of paying , the West's debt

  3. OneUltimateWarrior says:

    11:14 – Instrumental of "For Your Eyes Only"

  4. mike jones says:

    thanks uploader

  5. Greg Palmer says:

    David Perry, the narrator….. is he the same one who sat in for Casey Kasem on Casey's Top 40?

  6. mmcost says:

    Great luv to watch more of Lifestyles if u got any more……………..thank you so much

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