Lifestyles of the Brick and Famous – LEGO City – Minifigures – Stop Motion

A sneak peek into the lives of A-List LEGO Minifigures and their VIP lifestyle. From rim spinning limos to private jets overflowing with cash, the hottest music and personal tanning booths, these Minifigures know how to live the life. Watch them travel from private islands to exclusive resorts as they give us a taste for what it’s like to be famous, in this fun music video. Then bring home the fun with the LEGO City Airport VIP Service set.

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  1. Amadeus Moreno says:

    the pilot is crazy

  2. Amadeus Moreno says:

    flight worker : sir stop it your gonna die

  3. Amadeus Moreno says:

    oh yeah i like it

  4. David Segovia says:

    can you do more songs

  5. David Segovia says:

    I love that song

  6. Veronica Zaltzman says:

    that was very cool

  7. TheCreeper &Dragon-Z says:

    Can he even rap though

  8. TheCreeper &Dragon-Z says:

    This is nice and wierd

  9. Rihan Mohamed Jaleel says:

    (VIP Break dances on plane wing) Flight Worker: Oh my god! He's gonna fall! CALL 9-1-1!!

  10. justin lee says:

    downloaded the song rigjt away



  12. Lala Angeles says:

    By air by farting Lego city Garters

  13. kriper Tv says:


  14. Zoltán Dékány says:

    My brother have this set for christmas! And I have the Fun in the park! (Sorry for bad english)

  15. LRB productions says:

    This is very clever

  16. latifa boukhebouz says:

    meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee toooooooooooooooooo

  17. midgetgem1980 says:

    I have that Lego set :)

  18. Andrew Torres says:

    is everythin packed? forgot my tooth brush gotta u turn back XD

  19. Tommy Gordon says:

    Who animated this?

  20. Das Leben spielt unterwegs says:

    This Song is Cool

  21. ProfessorPiranha says:

    If anyone here likes Lego Stop Motion then please consider checking out my channel. It would help me out a LOT, and would be much appreciated :)

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