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  1. Orly Pagaduan says:

    how about here in Bahrain

  2. Jeffrey Falceso says:

    For more information please contact: Jeffrey Lanto Falceso 09105372132 landline number (043)3126791 or add nyo po ako s fb thanks, batangas area 🙂 godbless

  3. J Jay says:

    Hello, i brought amazing nesw about INTRA !!
    1st Oct 2015 , LifestylesGlobal started with New compensation Plan from Korea and it is going to spread out to world i mean 18 countries which already Intra is consuming. We are preparing that member of other countries are able to join to this new solution plan from Nov 2015. Korea is 1st country with this new system.
    Who wants to be a next global leader? If you read this then You are super LUCKY ! more questions Pliz send me an e-amil.

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