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Great video you can learn to speak english
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  1. Nagaraja Cm Gowda says:

    How can we launch in India 

  2. davide del braca says:

    I like steak beef , I like ice cream , I like all food ….. I like my life …

  3. Alfonso cano says:

    Nice way to learn English but whatever they say is totally wrong ! they talk like they came from other planet, I eat deary and its so good and I am very healthy? so does my grandma who by the way is 95 yrs old???? they use intimidating tactics for a purpose !

  4. estefany la rosa says:

    I can help you to speak spanish , I learn speak English , they speak very quickly : o

  5. Gustavo Adolfo Gonzalez Franco says:

    I haven't seen this TV show before, but it is so amazing. I'm saying hello to this languages, and i feel confident about learning on my own. I have just seven months learning it, and i've improved! 😀 -Good Job!-.

  6. Lina Burai says:

    Thanx for the useful information :)

  7. Thoai Nguyen says:

    Thank you poster. This is program so useful . I feel free with this program!

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