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ShelleyDeann LifeStyles Planner
use code “BELINDA10” for $10 off!

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. With the U.S. Dollar exchange rate. People ordering from the United States and the U.K. pay ALOT less for their order.
Eg. $50 CDN. = $37 U.S. (approx)

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  1. vahini kutty says:

    New subscriber

  2. Katherine Dobbs Roberts says:

    I love the idea of this planner. It is beautiful and I do not think I would have to decorate. However the paper quality is sub par. You can see the lines from the following pages even in your video. That is a deal breaker for me.

  3. Renee Brown says:

    I'm in love with with this planner! Shelley Deann is so sweet and really has stepped up her game in communication and shipping! I highly recommend! Give it a chance! Worried about shipping just order a few months in advance, and keep in contact with her. Erin Condren was more of a pain in my side….

  4. TheCoffee MOM says:

    Love your ❤ heart cup that holds your pens co cute were it it from

  5. Chaychayiscool says:

    i watched like all of your planner videos lol!

  6. Dea Hartati says:

    you really creative design your pllaner😉😍😘

  7. Kaitlyn Nolen says:

    I love this video and I ordered my planner bc you recommended it, sad I ordered it at the end of April and I STILL haven't gotten my planner 🙁 I've tried to contact them with no luck! does anyone know how to get ahold of them? I only received the email with my order number and that's it.
    love your planner videos belinda!! I'll still subscribe you're awesome!

  8. colene lalgie says:

    I understand that you are promoting this planner, but you forgot to mention the poor customer service that this company has. It is difficult to contact any of their staff, because they do not answer their phone or email you back right away. This company is very suspicious to me and I based on their shipping and conduct, I don't believe I will be ordering from them again.
    Read more

  9. Arianna Eicher says:

    I was wondering what pen you were using????

  10. Alexia Allende says:

    Belinda ,so what planner are you going to be useing? are you still going to use the Erin condren or what

  11. Armela Skocic says:

    I'm very disappointed in you advertising such company on your channel. I order the planner based on your recommendation. Won't be doing that anymore. This company is horrible . I've ordered the Planner months ago still hasn't shipped. They don't respond to my emails . There are so many complaints about this company. Is this even a legitimate company?

  12. maggie herrera says:

    This teaches me a lesson. I have a happy planner and an erin condren. I dont need anymore

  13. maggie herrera says:

    People dont buy this planner from shelly deann. I bought 2 planners 3 months ago and after emailing them non stop they finally answered me and send me a tracking number that doesnt exist. They have stole $200 from me

  14. BrownSkinBeauty says:

    you got braces!! I haven't watch your channel in a while. glad to be back. love your channel. by the way, do you still use erin condren planners. sorry I been m i a so im going to watch your videos to catch up. lol

  15. Roxys Playland says:

    So cute and very affordable as well

  16. Unique “UniqueD” Roane says:

    I placed an order with Shelley Deann LIfestyle and did not receive my order or refund. I am unable to contact anyone. The telephone from the site is an answering machine and it is always full.

  17. colene lalgie says:

    This company takes a very long time to deliver your product. This really discourages me from buying any future products from Shelly Deanne. I think I might go back to Erin Condren or Lime life.

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