Good Charlotte – Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous (acoustic session)

Good Charlotte in Paris performing Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous as promotion for the new record “Cardiology”

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  1. Christian Paez says:

    theyy fucking singg awesome

  2. Olivia Pi says:

    Aah they are so good!!! >.< :'D

  3. Renewed Scars says:

    benji is so cute!!<3

  4. Daniela Torres says:

    This video deserves more views

  5. stephan ten brink says:

    I love this !  Gonna try this by myself. Thank so much !

  6. gadget00 says:

    they look like Robert De Niro's children LOL

    Anyway, one of their best songs

  7. stephen baker says:

    Thanks Chris 😉 good choice bro 

  8. Diana Tonarová says:

    Benji is cute man <3

  9. Rony Guedes says:

    Good Charlotte is very cool!!

  10. Przemek Adamczyk says:

    GC is specific band, acoustic versions always are better than orginal

  11. Akiko Yume says:

    no, im just tellin the truth ;*

  12. Aidan says:

    your a fucking idiot

  13. IAMNOMNATHAN says:

    I see Justin Bieber in the suggestions…… God help us all.

  14. Emily Childs says:

    Excuse me… why do I see One Direction in the suggestions? D:

  15. whydewucare says:


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