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Ariana Grande – Touch It – FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Remix || Music Video Announcement

Internationally acclaimed recording artist and actress Ariana Grande will lend her likeness to the hit RPG, FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS, the free-to-play FINAL FANTASY® mobile game.

This is all the exclusive behind the scenes interviews with the FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS directors.

As part of this collaboration, Ariana’s hit song “Touch It” will be arranged
as a FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS –style remix, which can be listened on this video.

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Overlord of Hell says:

I don't think it's anything special. People are only whining cause she's too mainstream, if she was less popular they would agree, because fans are protective of what they love and don't want mainstream influences. If none of Ariana fan are coming in and fanning the flame, the fans wouldn't care and it would just be another amazing OST in this beloved game. Y'all acting like Ariana is more known than FF but seriously in the Asia region this game is more beloved than Ariana. Learn to respect both Ariana and FF because they are both great. And can the ariana and FF fans stop acting like babies.

Just A Just Dancer says:

Y'all need to finally be quiet over Ariana being in the game. Are you little fan boys upset bc someone much more famous then you will ever be is in your silly little game. The final fantasy community should be honored working with such a goddess. So shut up and just enjoy the fact that you have a person who will bring more people to the game in your game 😁

Kurtindo Pop Games says:

Tudo muito show! Parabéns só faltou ter em PT BR Português do Brasil

Brian Couch says:

Omg I love this <333

CabbieBori says:

touch it was my favorite from the album, and hearing the remix version of this makes me cry. it sounds so beautiful and now i can't decide which version i like better.

SuperPiposaru says:

99% of the comments are complaining about people hating this.
1% of the comments are people complaining about this.

Jackie Stones says:

Becoming a video game character. One of life's goals, check. :D

Jimmy Strudel says:

Ariana hates America, fuck her! Everyone boycott square enix!

grande gucci says:

who else just came here from Ariana's tweet? 🙋🏼💕

David PT says:

This will be a memorable collab and the haters can go suck a dick because you won't stop this from happening and if you don't want the game because of this then your fucking bad, you'll live as a sore cunt for your life and not experience the amazing ART that they're gonna put together.

Ariana has achieved more in her life by now than you'll ever achieve in your entire life, so suck it up haters, she beats you down and wipes the floor with you ;)

Beard_Grizzly says:

I'm not mad about this, at all. outside of one thing: There are so many other people/things to partner with to reach out to others that could POTENTIALLY bring more people to the game at a more "solid" clip. If actual Ariana fans start playing the game, they'll put it down after a few weeks, I'm sure. Monster Hunter fans may keep it for YEARS, for instance. Just a thought, gang, but thank you for the awesome stuff nonetheless.

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