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TWO HOURS of gentle lullabies for babies – Baby Sleep Music

Put your children to sleep with hypnotic graphics, accompanied by gentle nursery rhymes played beautifully on the piano.
Music taken from ‘Piano Lullabies for Babies’ by Andrew Holdsworth, available on iTunes via the link above.

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Lily Lowder says:

who ever did the art they are amazing at it and it put my baby brother to sleep which is good because he can get me annoyed sometimes and I like the lulubies as well to

Lily Lowder says:

currently this would put my baby brother to sleep and hope he would stay asleep

Lupita Ramirez says:



this really helps, my mum was stressed out coz of my 2 little brothers,and they needed to go bed and this helps soo much!

Julia Korotysh says:

Favorite Nursery Rhymes as lullabies-cool)

Julia Scudeller Pereira says:

Today my little cousin was really playful and was laughfing and nothing could makehim sleep, but when I put this video he imidietly layed down and felt relaxed, after 5 minutes he was sleeping! Thank you so much! this REALLY helped me

Dork Boeck says:

this calms me down when I am mad and I go to sleep because it's a good song for bed

arianna, m says:

nothing is working im trying a …

Amanda kissandtell says:

a bottle and this music worked for my 3 week old!!! Thanks!!!

Madison Woodward says:

This is the only thing that would get my 2 month old son to go to sleep. Thank you so much!

Ivory Clabaugh says:

From a red-eyed mother at midnight "Thank you. Thank you so much."
Nothing else worked, she just kept crying and crying.
This worked almost instantly to stop the crying. She was asleep within the first few songs.

karthu nisha says:

M.pmllml, Neha

Arlette D says:


Samuel Nero says:

this makes me freakin sad

GalaxyGaming - Minecraft Gameplay says:

thank u for making this!! It really helped me sleep.

Ameenu Eedris says:

This actually makes babies sleep which is very cool I do not know how music speaks to some babies.I am not sure if even music speaks to babies it is so strange but know matter how much babies cry music will always make them fall asleep for one type of reason.I think that music and some babies have a connection which is very strange. I even think this is peaceful for myself even if I am not a baby but it does not matter because , never mind to cut the whole story short I think it is great for babies.💟💙💚💛💝💖❤💞👸🎈🎵

Ануш Маркушкина says:

нам с дочуркой этот вариант тоже очень подошел)) Засыпаем обе)) very beautiful and calming theme!!)) Thannks a lot for autores

Mackenzie Cordray says:

My son falls out everytime I put this on.

Hassin Alhlfi says:


Yolo Boi says:

I am waiting for my sister to fall asleep and I am looking at the comments

Kyndal Pogue says:

Relaxing no doubt but my son won't sleep… all the while I'm here trying not to fall asleep before him

Kira Clark says:

I was playing this for my cat sense the first time we got him it works like a charm. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Jacquelyn Adrow says:

my kids falls asleep off this so do i

Brightrose Maphosa says:

in 10 seconds 🙊🙀😮😮😮

Brightrose Maphosa says:

my mom fell asleep

Izzie Hausner says:

best sleeping music ever after 5 min my little sister fell sleeping

Juliana Gonzalez says:

I think you

Anita flower says:

good song

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